Tamura Setsuko Dolly and More!

Today, I received a rare dolly released by Takara probably around the 1970s from artwork by Tamura Setsuko! Her name is “Hello Happy Melanie”. Hopefully, I got her name correct, as the translation from google said, “Mel-knee”… The front of her box and backside. Takara released about five dolls in the series. Melanie is a […]

Today’s Lovelies!

I got a pink slip on Saturday, but decided to wait until Today to pick up the mail. A few major finds arrived today, and I will be adding a few of my vintage goodies from my collection to my shop through out this week and the month of November! So, be sure to look […]

Latest Goods in the Mail!

Sorry for not posting sooner, it was not that I was too busy or what not, but I’ve been really trying to avoid my usual love of searching, with the exception for those that I am searching items for thru my Finder’s Services… Mostly, to save moolah myself! LOL Here are a few items that […]

The Temptations…Ugh!

Oh my goodness, there are so many wonderful things that have been found through my usual searches the past few weeks…It was truly hard to remind myself not to put it in my cart and buy it! I am not one to collect vintage furniture pieces, but I will admit, if I had the room, […]

Some Mail Today!

Monday was a holiday, “Columbus Day” here, so sadly, the Post was closed. I had to wait til’ Today to pick up my 4 boxes, or so I thought… instead there were 5 boxes! All small packet stuff, but still a happy mail day for me! A small packet from Yahoo Japan. Two items in […]

More 3D Shadow Box Art Creative-ness!

I started to work on some of my 3D Shadow Box art recently… I was inspired while helping Sara to do her Social Studies project on Land Forms. Don’t ask, how that was inspiring, but it was! LOL The first and last time I worked on it, I didn’t like what the outcome was for […]