Busy Creating and Online Finds!

I’ve had a few ideas rolling around in my head, that recently were completed. Little did I realize that they were of a similar theme, until I stepped back and looked at what I’ve done. Haha. I bought this cute jar of shells and blue sea glass from ROSS last weekend. Sorry no before photo. […]

New/Old Sitting Dolls Lot!

I was surprised to find a Lot of 2 sitting dolls through ebay last week. They arrived to me today, I’m so excited to share with you… Just to share, I have a small sitting flower doll here, and a large sitting doll here, and a clone version here. The seller listed the dolls as […]

Mail Day!

Here’s what came in this weekend… many items added to my shop too! Since getting the cute teeny tiny posedoll, I decided to find a few more… I found these set of 3 vintage Japan crochet dolls. They are small enough, I believe for the tiny carriage. More on them later. I found them through […]

Latest Goods in the Mail!

Sorry for not posting sooner, it was not that I was too busy or what not, but I’ve been really trying to avoid my usual love of searching, with the exception for those that I am searching items for thru my Finder’s Services… Mostly, to save moolah myself! LOL Here are a few items that […]

Today’s Mail from Around the World!

Today, I received some goods from around the world… Places like Japan, Germany, China, and USA! This amazing Vintage 1970s German Bodo Hennig Living Room Set came from an etsy shop in the U.S.! I had been eyeballing this wonderful set for a few years now… When I first saw it, I knew where it […]

Today’s Project and Goodies in the Mail!

I’ve been working on finding replacement furniture for Tadie’s house, before I can put it back together and take some photos of Tadie in her home!! Here’s what I’ve been working on and goodies that came in Today’s mail!! From Monday’s post here… I got these amazing Vero or Modella kitchen furniture pieces that are […]