Summer Blues?

Last summer, my kids were complaining they were bored, so, I found a post via facebook using the word, “Bored”, giving them things to consider, before they complained about being bored. Ha. It was very helpful. This summer, my youngest said, she wanted to go on an adventure. So, here’s what I came up with… […]

It’s Been A Bit Since My Last Post…

It’s been a somewhat busy week and not much moving as far as receiving mail. So, I’ve been trying to focus on other things… Like taking in the beautiful early morning sky after my youngest daughter gets picked up from the bus. It’s been dry mostly this week, and we’ve been blessed with beautiful sunrises […]

A Busy Week!

We have been mostly uptown, trying to get our new property ready for business. Sadly, we have to wait for the Business License section to finish updating their certificates in order to properly certify us for “Short Term Vacation Rentals” with the updated license. Our paperwork is done, we are just waiting for them. Ugh. […]

Epixcon 2016!

Once again we participated in Guam’s version of Comicon/ Epixcon 2016 at the Agana Shopping Center, and it was definitely a great experience. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth and supported! Biba Epixcon, Biba Guam! Early birds get the worm… We got there early to set up. Many artists and vendors were […]

Mail and Some Flowers in the Yard…

It’s been a somewhat busy week. Mostly with appointments. So, here is was came in the mail! I was able to find  through an online shop in Japan, this cute, yet small, vintage ceramic dog, and a 1970s style Petit coin purse! My friend ordered the items and they came quickly to her, then to […]

Valley of the Latte!

This past weekend was the grand opening of a place on southern Guam called, “The Valley of the Latte Adventure Park”. Nicely tucked away in the southern village of Inarajan and Talofofo. This place used to be called, “Jungle River Boat Cruises”. The owners actually redesigned the whole look of the park and showcases more […]

Partial Solar Eclipse Seen on Guam!

This is actually my third time seeing a solar eclipse, but this one was a partial, and not a full eclipse. Guam has been very fortunate the passed several years to be able to view any type of Solar Eclipse. I actually viewed one with my students back in the late 1990s. We did the […]

One of Guam’s Hidden Treasures!

We were invited to join a dear friend to take a short hike with her and her visitor friends from the States to show them one of Guam’s hidden treasures, “Priest Pools” in Merizo. Believe it or not, from my over 40 years of living on Guam. I had never been to this magical place! […]