Latest Goods in the Mail!

Sorry for not posting sooner, it was not that I was too busy or what not,

but I’ve been really trying to avoid my usual love of searching,

with the exception for those that I am searching items for thru my Finder’s Services...

Mostly, to save moolah myself! LOL

Here are a few items that came in…

These vintage lovely metal Ballerina figures thru etsy! What drew them to me was the one on the right!

I have a similar one, from my childhood!!


The seller even gave me some gifts below… a vintage girl postcard,

girl with balloon card, and cute girl holding a key, key chain.

ballerinafigures1The seller even gave me some gifts below… a vintage girl postcard,

girl with balloon card, and cute girl holding a key, key chain.

ballerinafigures3The vintage ballerina from my childhood photo below, she is on the right,

and the new vintage one on the left. I don’t remember much about

how I got the one from my childhood, except,

that I think my sister gave it to me? I will have to ask her?

ballerinafigures5I remember keeping it because it was like a tiny award trophy for my dolls!

I used to pretend that my Jenny doll won a trophy for her amazing ballet dance… ahhh, the memories!

Late last month, I was able to find a set thru ebay Germany

the shelves that went to my Bodo Hennig Living room set here.

bodohenniglivset3The shelves came with a TV too.  I will try them out in Tadie’s House soon.

bodohenniglivset2This cute retro girl memo pad, I got cheap thru Yahoo Japan.

My friend sent it fast to me in an envelope.

smallmemogirl1 It will be added to my collection. I was hoping it would fit a memo case I had.

Sadly, it doesn’t, but the anime girl is just so cute and sweet! A keeper^_~



Then, I decided to try on some various dolly clothes on Tadie… Yes, I had a lot of time! LOL


tadieweather2Tadie tried on this cute knit Momoko hat, Momoko tennis shoes,

azone socks, and volks mittens… But I think the Volks red baret was nicer on her.

That’s all for now… Hope you all have an awesome weekend

and an even better week! Halloween is coming soon! Yippee!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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