Getting Better at This!

I started working on this cutie Yesterday evening… I was surprised to finish him up this morning?! Another retro doggie creation using needle felting. This time I was a bit cleaner with his eyes, and body. I’m trying to do better with his nose and mouth. But even though I have an awl tool, it […]

Made a Friend! More Needle Felting Fun, Etc.

You know I had to make a friend to go with the retro boy bear I made! LOL So, here are some pics of Mrs. Bear! When I started to make her, I told myself, I thought she’d be gorgeous in yellow, and she is!

Mail for Today and More Needle Felting Fun!

Here’s what came in the mail today… I found these amazing vintage cats in fork style for fruit cake, cheese, etc. Fondue stuff, I figured. I’ve seen them before on a friend’s photostream, but to be able to find an unopened set? Whoa, nice. Now, to find a vintage container to keep them in!? Ha.

Petite Chica is Here!

While ordering my birthday dolly wants, I was compelled to search up this cute little doll that looked a lot like Atomaru’s Doran Doran?! What? Did she release a new dolly? Nope, in fact, Petite Chica is a small doll by another Korean doll artist, Chica Bonita!! I was able to contact the website owner […]

More Birthday Gifts Arrive!!

This year, I gifted myself a few more goodies and some for the shop!! Yay me! Here’s what came in today! This cute lot of vintage pose dolls! I won the large one cheap and might make her into a large baby bunka? I will see… The second dolly is a hand-made pose doll that […]

Needle Felt Creations & Mail!

Yes, I’m somewhat hooked on needle felting! I ordered more felting wool and needle felt tools to hopefully create some new cuties!? It’s been slow, as far as mail arriving goes, but at least they are coming in… I bought some felting wool from ebay, a better felting mat, a felting tool, and some safety […]

Newly Acquired Goods!

It’s been a great year to start, and a few newly found goodies arrived to me over the weekend and Today! A great birthday that’s for sure! This vintage “Nancy Plays Nurse” children’s book, has lovely illustrations. One of the reasons I decided to get it. From ebay for my collection. Reminds me of the […]