Finally Finished My Reroot!

Oh my goodness, it was definitely a long process, and mostly waiting for the Saran hair I ordered a second time, to come in. I started this attempt back in December 28, 2017, post is here. I finished the saran hair I had ordered the first time. Sad thing was that according to the shops […]

Redoing the Pin Cushion Chairs…

I was not happy with the upcycled work I did on the pin cushion chairs here, the first time… So, I began working on them last night and then started on them this morning. I must say, I’m very pleased with my work on them now!

A Busy Week!

We have been mostly uptown, trying to get our new property ready for business. Sadly, we have to wait for the Business License section to finish updating their certificates in order to properly certify us for “Short Term Vacation Rentals” with the updated license. Our paperwork is done, we are just waiting for them. Ugh. […]

Keeping Busy and One of My Idols!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and getting ready for all the festive activities that come with it?! I’ve been trying to keep busy with finishing some projects I got ideas for, the past week or so… Here’s what I got done. Whew. I took this cutie’s head off her original bod and […]

The Next Best Thing!

These highly sought after vintage ceramic figurines amongst collectors… Photo is not mine, but Sofia from flickr. … are very hard to find, and if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on them. Lucky you! I only got into vintage ceramics earlier this year and since then, these cuties are just that hard […]

Re-Stringing My Little Baby Doll & More!

I took Cricket’s advice and checked out Rita’s tutorial on how to re-string a celluloid doll, here! Just in case you would like to try it out. Her instructions were very easy to follow. I just had to be brave enough, to cut the original elastic cord. I did, and started to re-string him below. […]

Lots of Mail Today! Part Two!!

Okay, I did say I would write more about these items from Yesterday… The KumuKumu Laputa pendant below, when you open the box the packaging holds all these pieces to create the pendant. It can be a bit tricky, but very easy to put together! Below left, the front of the pendant, and the backside. […]

More 3D Shadow Box Art Creative-ness!

I started to work on some of my 3D Shadow Box art recently… I was inspired while helping Sara to do her Social Studies project on Land Forms. Don’t ask, how that was inspiring, but it was! LOL The first and last time I worked on it, I didn’t like what the outcome was for […]