Vintage Mid Century Terrarium Miniature, Rune Naito Mermaid & More!

This has been an awesome week for mail arrivals!! Today, I received several boxes of goodies I’ve been searching for and some I just happened upon… First, this amazing vintage mid century modern 1/6 scale size Dome Terrarium Planter. I just happened upon it while doing some usual searches. I have only seen these in […]

A Few Finds from Ebay!

I was able to win this cute pair of ceramic Maltese dog Salt & Pepper shakers through ebay and they arrived to me safely today. I am trying very hard not to want to collect ceramic cuties. But, since I have the one, I figured a small set like these two cute dogs would be […]

My SOLDOUT Pin Club Pin, is Here!!

Oh my goodness!! It was an awesome mail day today!! A dear friend via IG showcased her lovely February Release pin from the PINCLUB in the UK here! Basically, you can subscribe to the monthly pins or badges that get released. I only learned about them in that moment, and wish I had known about […]

Introducing ggsdolls Miniature Retro Dogs!

I am so excited to announce… my newest creation, Miniature Retro Dogs with Display Case! Now available in my etsy shop! I have created six amazing miniature versions of the vintage retro dogs that were made back in 1960s and 1970s by Bandai, Oriental Toys, etc. in Japan. Each dog will come with, a cute […]


Just some random things going on as of late… It’s Easter Break, but I’ve been so busy with my Mother In-law’s website. I’ve been hired to update and redesign it. So, it’s been really fun, but I’ve also been neglecting my shop and other endeavors…ugh. So, I hope to share some good news of my […]

New Retro Camper!

There were a few friends via flickr and IG that shared a cute 6″ doll camper sold only at Target… I did some research and found that it was available for sale thru! Awesome, I placed an order and received it last week or so! The box that arrive was actually larger then the […]

A Few Goodies…

I wanted to share some of the goodies that came in the mail from Yahoo Japan! There were a few items up for auction, that I decided to go ahead and get… Vintage Jr. Margaret doll pink dress fashion above, MIB. I loved this dress and was so happy to find it. I want to […]