A Few Finds from Ebay!

I was able to win this cute pair of ceramic Maltese dog Salt & Pepper shakers through ebay and they arrived to me safely today. I am trying very hard not to want to collect ceramic cuties. But, since I have the one, I figured a small set like these two cute dogs would be okay. I’ve seen the larger versions of these and they are very cute, even a wall hanging one with similar face.


They are cute and small. Small enough to display neatly on my desk or end table…


Then, I finally found these L’il Purse Dolls, that are like tiny versions of Sebino’s Metti foldable dolls. I used to collect Metti dolls, and even had Metti’s fashions, but since I was neglecting Metti, I sold them off to other collectors… I may have kept one? Somewhere…

I’ve seen similar one’s, but they don’t look anything like Metti, and they usually come in boys and girls. The first time I had a good look at one, is from a friend’s flickr stream. Cricket’s Mini Metti is here!

Hers really look like Metti dolls, and she inspired me to find and get myself one or two, but in this case, three! Ha. I know there are other styles by Imperial Doll Co., but none of them look more closely like this one, to Metti. All from the same seller. She had several listed with a Buy It Now, I bought two. I later asked her if she had any brunettes? and she did. So, I was able to purchase her also! Yay!

The one in packaging I will keep in my display case. The other two, I will repaint and play with!

As you can see below, I repainted the brunette a bit darker and darkened her eyes along with the red head. I also touched up her red hair.


I love the fabric background from the 100yen store. So mod!

I may try to see if I can make some felt dresses for them…


They are both just too cute. They will also be easy to store away. Yay!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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