Goodies for the Shop!

Today’s mail was stuck in the mail box… I had to wait for Taby to get home from school, then, Sara to finish her homework. Then, for us to drive up to the village to have Taby try to take the boxes out. I had a hard time earlier today, trying to open the mail […]

June 2016 PIN CLUB Pin is Here, Etc!

Here is this month’s PIN CLUB pin…. Created by Abby Galloway! So Cute too. I love the little houses, maybe dollhouses? This month’s pin/ badge is a keeper for sure!

Rare Retro Rabbit Bambi Storage Tin!

Here is an amazing find, even in Japan! This lovely children’s costume or clothing storage tin has been shown in Ayumi Uyama’s books… not sure if I can recall which one? But, this cute storage tin has similar designs used in retro children clothing and fabric as well. I was able to find this one […]

Mail and Some Flowers in the Yard…

It’s been a somewhat busy week. Mostly with appointments. So, here is was came in the mail! I was able to find  through an online shop in Japan, this cute, yet small, vintage ceramic dog, and a 1970s style Petit coin purse! My friend ordered the items and they came quickly to her, then to […]

Introducing ggsdolls Miniature Retro Dogs!

I am so excited to announce… my newest creation, Miniature Retro Dogs with Display Case! Now available in my etsy shop! I have created six amazing miniature versions of the vintage retro dogs that were made back in 1960s and 1970s by Bandai, Oriental Toys, etc. in Japan. Each dog will come with, a cute […]

A Few Goodies…

I wanted to share some of the goodies that came in the mail from Yahoo Japan! There were a few items up for auction, that I decided to go ahead and get… Vintage Jr. Margaret doll pink dress fashion above, MIB. I loved this dress and was so happy to find it. I want to […]