Taking Our Guests Around Island!

We are truly blessed, it started 2 years ago, we had guest tenants from Japan, The Nakamura family. This is their 3rd year now staying at our guest house! Mind you, we often get many guests from Japan, Russia, Korea, Stateside and even right here on Guam! But it is rare we are able to […]

New Year is almost Here!

Whoa, time flies when you are having fun, eh?! LOL 2016 is just a few days away… The Christmas weekend was good, very busy with all the family gatherings, but I’m glad that’s one holiday down and one more to go… Whew! In other news, I posted thru flickr my dessert plate pic remember? from […]


I fell in love with a flickr friend’s cute dolly figure here! I commented, and asked where she got her cutie? Sure enough with the information she shared I was able to locate the very same Medicom Peynet figure set thru a website here. I messaged them and the set was still available! Yay! It […]

An Ohmu from Nausicaa!

Today, I received a much anticipated goody from Amiami!! A special little pull toy of the character animal Ohmu from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind! It was supposed to come in with my Studio Ghibli puzzles from this post. But Sadly, they weren’t released yet, until recently! Yay!

Finder’s Service Items, Etc!

I received a two items the past week on commission, and they each range from the hard to find to the more common… You can visit my Finder’s Service page here for details on how I can help you find that dream item you’ve been wanting for your collection! an older photo above… to see […]

Yahoo Japan Mail!

Here’s what came in today! I’ve been requesting that my items ship in small packets, instead of one large box with all the goods I win thru Yahoo Japan. It’s actually about the same cost, and at least it won’t take the items a month later, to get to me!