Our Two Day Stay in Narita Japan…Part Two

You can read Part One here! I woke up by about 10:45pm, on Saturday evening. I looked over at the girls, both in a deep slumber. Instead of falling back to sleep myself, I decided to use the bathroom, and then try to go back to sleep. But, it was not as easy, as I […]

Our Two Day Stay in Narita Japan… Part One

On Friday, my husband encouraged me to take our daughters for a last minute one day trip to anywhere in Japan this Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday. Yippee! So, we did. We tried for Nagoya or maybe Osaka, but, in the end decided to go just to Narita. It was truly last minute. We booked […]

This Week…

It’s been another busy week, mostly from driving. We live, in what most would call, the country side of Guam, or in the Jungle is more like it. LOL.  But, everyone, laughs and say, “That’s nothing!” I agree, but when you live here long enough, it eventually feels far away from everything… I had to […]

Toy Crane Machine Etc!

I didn’t show you, but, I also got a Toy Crane or Claw Machine via Yahoo Japan. I saw them up for bid and figured it would be nice to own one… I’ve always wanted to own a coin machine that rolls out a toy after inserting a coin… Now, I do! Awesome! I added […]

OyatsuBox April Is in!!

Yay, my subscription for April 2016 is in… This will be my last box for a bit. I won’t be getting a box next month. I’ve decided to take a break, besides funds being low. I may start up again maybe later in the year depending on the next few months. I’m sure next month’s […]

Updated My For Sale Page!!

Hey all, be sure to stop by my For Sale page click the link in menu above! I’ve updated and given a lot of discount for the items still listed!! So, be sure to check it out for something you might be interested in?! You can also check my etsy shop here for vintage dolls […]

ggsdolls Blog Giveaway 2016!!

Hello my dear friends of blogdom! It’s been awhile since my last blog giveaway, one example here… So, ‘Just Because’, I am doing another!! The Winner, will receive some kawaii goodies from me!! More information below! Winner gets all this!! A ggsdolls premium Gatcha Set, which includes a Kitan club futon for your cell phone, […]