Fun with My Bunnies!

It’s been busy here. I am still working on the new guest studio, so that we could get it up and running. The plan was to open by the end of September, but it is not looking that way. Ugh. I’ll be posting a bit less on my blog, until I am able to get […]

New Designs on Society6 and POAM!

I’ve been really busy the past few days… We are working on a studio guest apartment for AirBnb and getting it ready to start making income, along with some other projects, like this one below!! I took my vintage ceramic bunny and did a quick photo shoot! Here’s the results…

When Damaged Goods Arrive…

I was so proud of myself for finding this cute vintage silver ceramic Bunny money bank through an online shop, in Japan. I’ve seen these cute bunny banks sold through Milbee’s Online shop here. I was very close to buying one, but someone else had bought the item before I could. So, my next best […]

A Holy Grail for Collectors in France!

Today’s mail day was a surprise! I have been searching since seeing this kitsch item earlier this year… on Pinterest. I’ve actually seen it a few times before. This vintage kitsch ceramic item is actually a bunny or rabbit head string holder! Yup, I kid you not. This cute ceramic string holder is so popular […]

Gadgets and Cute Pins by Vinnieboy Vintage!!

I recently, decided to get the cheap version of the accessory for your phone camera… Saw the ad via facebook while checking updates… The original was expensive, and sadly, you can’t buy one, you have to buy two. I don’t need two?! So, I searched ebay and found a set for just $9.78! Yes, peeps […]

Candy from Japan and Azone Nanaka!

I received a much anticipated small box of candies from Oyatsu Cafe!! From time to time, I will pick up a few goodies, I’ve fallen in love with from Oyatsu. Though, I no longer get the subscription boxes, I still enjoy getting some candies not available here on Guam! Yay

Lots of Goods for My Etsy Shop!

Here’s what will be listed in my shop later today… All these goodies are from Yahoo Japan and Japan website! Below, I won another Tan Soft Vinyl Baby dolls in their original boxes.