Pekochan is Here!

My pre-order of “Peko-Chan” from Amiami is here… Peko-chan is the mascot character for Fujiya Co., Ltd. famous makers of Milky Candies. You can read more about her here. I grew up eating milky candies, my sister still loves them today. Where as, I enjoy eating them once in awhile, mostly to try their new […]

Goodies for the Shop!

Today’s mail was stuck in the mail box… I had to wait for Taby to get home from school, then, Sara to finish her homework. Then, for us to drive up to the village to have Taby try to take the boxes out. I had a hard time earlier today, trying to open the mail […]

1950s Celluloid Kewpie Bunnies!!

Oh my goodness… no words can express the cuteness of these two amazing 1950s vintage Kewpie Flocked Bunny Dolls! My fave past time, as of late, is looking through instagram for other collectors goods… Yes, goods! Most share their collection via IG, but, there are a few that also, like I do, showcase what they […]

Internet Disruptions, etc…

Ugh, our internet was down most of Yesterday afternoon into the evening… It definitely does do a number to me, when most of what I do is online for my businesses, like my shop, the guesthouse, blogs, inlaw’s website, etc. Thankfully, I was able to fill in an order made prior to Yesterday. But then […]

New/Old Sitting Dolls Lot!

I was surprised to find a Lot of 2 sitting dolls through ebay last week. They arrived to me today, I’m so excited to share with you… Just to share, I have a small sitting flower doll here, and a large sitting doll here, and a clone version here. The seller listed the dolls as […]

Cortendorf Horror and Comparison!

I recently acquired a true Cortendorf figurine from ebay for about the same price as the last two I bought from a shop thru IG. So, now I am wondering if the one’s I already own are Cortendorf at all or ‘knock-offs’? First, the sad horror, the figurine arrived to me the other day from […]