Candy from Japan and Azone Nanaka!

I received a much anticipated small box of candies from Oyatsu Cafe!! From time to time, I will pick up a few goodies, I’ve fallen in love with from Oyatsu. Though, I no longer get the subscription boxes, I still enjoy getting some candies not available here on Guam! Yay Advertisements

Internet Disruptions, etc…

Ugh, our internet was down most of Yesterday afternoon into the evening… It definitely does do a number to me, when most of what I do is online for my businesses, like my shop, the guesthouse, blogs, inlaw’s website, etc. Thankfully, I was able to fill in an order made prior to Yesterday. But then […]

Rare Retro Rabbit Bambi Storage Tin!

Here is an amazing find, even in Japan! This lovely children’s costume or clothing storage tin has been shown in Ayumi Uyama’s books… not sure if I can recall which one? But, this cute storage tin has similar designs used in retro children clothing and fabric as well. I was able to find this one […]

Today’s Mail Call!

Here’s what came in today! Yay! The past week has been busy, and last week I found so many cheaply priced items, I just couldn’t resist!! This cute Rune Naito Panda art Transistor AM Radio! Found on etsy. It just caught my eye for its Panda art! Rune Naito draws her pandas the same way. […]