New/Old Sitting Dolls Lot!

I was surprised to find a Lot of 2 sitting dolls through ebay last week. They arrived to me today, I’m so excited to share with you…

Just to share, I have a small sitting flower doll here, and a large sitting doll here, and a clone version here.

The seller listed the dolls as made in Taiwan. But upon close inspection… they are not.


Just like my smaller version, her hat is glued to her hair. Below, both dolls the markings, “Made in Japan”. So, neither of the dolls were made in Taiwan.

My new fave, is this one in a jumper. Her hat is able to come off. I gave them a good shower, and added some flowers to both dolls. Since they were missing theirs.  She has such a sweet face.

Then, I decided to take a photo of all the dolls together. Just one missing.


My collection of sitting dolls are growing… I may sell, the large gal in purple? Need to spread the sitting doll love! LOL

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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