Tadie Muz Coat Found and More!!

I recently won on Ebay a Lot of clothing listed as Tadie Muz’s by Ide France. I was trying to win the other lot as well and maybe another Tadie doll, but not in the cards. Oh well. Still this find was something I had been hoping to find one day, and that one day came true! Yay!


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New TShirt Design and More!!

On Friday, mail was back to normal. So, I was able to pick up these items that came in!!

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Piano Concerto by Bunbun!

I had this idea in my head of a little concert played by my Rushton bunny. So, I took out few of the stuffed friends that were easy to get too, and put them in place. Then, I also took out my pink vintage toy piano from storage, and the lovely aqua faux fur swatch. Made a little set up and took some photos… It was fun to create. Like this little guy was playing a lovely piano concerto for his sweet friends…

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The Wonderful World of Nursery Kitsch!!


I wanted to do something a bit different from my usual posts. This time, I wanted to talk with you about the latest trend in vintage collecting… “Vintage Nursery Kitsch!” It’s actually been around a few years now, but it’s taking instagram by storm! I’m talking about the cheap nursery decor of the 50s through 70s, ceramics, dolls, toys, etc. Melanie Martinez is into it, and you can see it in her music videos, especially the latest one, “Madhatter”, with Rushton type friends she interacts with.

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Knickerbocker Sad Plush Cat!!

I was able to find an online shop selling vintage Japan items, etc. I looked through to see what the shop had and they even had some cute stuffed animals. While looking down the list, there were two plushies that just looked to adorable to me. I decided on one of them and here it is!

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Mini Rushton Type Bunny!!

I decided to buy some shorter faux fur fabric from a shop on Etsy, all the way in Russia. The fur arrived to me the past Monday and I started to work on a project, I wasn’t sure would turn out?! Then, low and behold, it worked, a bit of tweaking here and there, but it worked!! The idea in my head seemed so much more simple, but in real life, it was a bit trying at some points.  Okay, back story, Taylor A. of wildgravity on IG, makes and sells these amazing Rushton type cat, skunk, and bunny brooches. I bought two from her, here and here. I realized, I had the faces in my possession and just needed the right faux fur to use to create a mini version. So, a bit reluctantly, I took my bunny brooch apart, her pin back, fur, and ears. Cleaned her up a bit. I didn’t want to at first, but told myself I still have the skunk. Haha.
Then, as I was sewing together the fur fabric… just like I was making the mini felt bears… I began my project. Tweaking the head, to sew on extra fur under the chin, since it made it harder for the fabric to close off at that point. I also had to add sections of the fur on the tummy area. Well, you see, the clay face that Taylor made is a bit larger and heavy as well, duh it’s clay! LOL So, I had to make some allowances for everything to work. In the end, here’s how my mini Rushton Type Bunny turned out!!

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ISO Figurine Found!!!

Oh my goodness…. I can hardly sit still!!! A recent ISO, has been received from a trade with a dear sweet friend via IG, Carrie aka, vintageweenie. She adopted two of my rare vases, one with a deer and one with the infamous unicorn in blue. I had to let them go… Crazy!! I know right?!! But, when you see the photos below you might understand why….


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