Instagram Goods…

Sometimes you can find some amazing things fellow collectors decide to sell. This particular one, was a broken mermaid. I saw my fellow collector friend, Carrie, decide to sell via IG, and I immediately claimed it. When you look closely, you can see why…


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A Few Online Finds In

It’s been a really nice and easy going week since the election. So, here’s what came in the pass few days…

I found this cutie yellow ceramic coin bank for a collector on IG, we were working on a trade and this was one of her ISOs. Such a cutie and now he’s packed and ready for his travel back stateside.


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Upcycle Fun and Voting

On Tuesday, there were no classes. Sara and I left the house early. Mostly my choice, because I enjoy voting early and getting it done. By 8am we had gone to the polls, I voted and got a sticker and was out the door. I spoke with her about the importance of voting, and why. She had shared with me about her class doing a class election and how her teacher had spoken to the class about voting too.

So, it was nice to hear, that both us at home and her teacher at school, were sharing the importance of voting. Yay. Funny thing is, that her class’ votes basically yielded the same end result as that of our actual election. She shared with me that majority of her class had voted for Lou Leon Guerrero and Josh Tenorio. Mind you this was on Monday, prior to Tuesday’s Election. When she shared that with me, I already knew, that may be the end result… Sure enough, the day after the election. Her class was right. Lou Leon Guerrero and Josh Tenorio won majority of the votes and now, we have our very first woman to hold a governor’s title. Women also dominated the Legislature this time around, with 10 women holding the seats and only 5 men. I do hope this means positivity and change will come. One can hope for that, right?!

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2K Followers on Instagram!!

I just wanna say thank you so very much you guys!
I truly appreciate you all and am so glad to be
able to share the love of collecting with you.
So, to show my appreciation.
I’m offering a 15% off on purchases of $30 dollars or more,
in my Etsy shop, starting now until November 30th.
Just follow the link below or use the coupon code given in the ad!
Sending some positive vibes to you all!!
Much love for following me,
 and for the love of collecting.
~ ggsdolls

Lot of Goodies For My Shop!!

I won this Lot of vintage decor etc. from Yahoo Japan a week an a half ago and was waiting for it to arrive. I saw in the lot a few rare ceramics I know many of my fellow collector friends would love! Thus, why I bidded on it. I got a call while trying to find an item that sold in my shop, but my phone was charging and I didn’t hear it in the other room. When I came back and saw that my postal friend called, I immediately called her back and thank goodness, I was able to see her before she left the PO. Whew!

So here’s what came in…


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Much Anticipated Finds!

I began browsing a site I hadn’t tried, as suggested by my sis. To my surprise, there was a Lot of plushies and dolls, and in between all the items, was a Rushton sad bear!! I took a double take and pressed the zoom button. Sure enough, in the lot was a sad Rushton. I waited patiently and waited, when the auction was about to end, it was a bidding war with one other bidder. In the end, I won the Lot! Yess! Sadly, the site doesn’t send to Guam. Ugh. But, I was able to have Blaire to be the recipient of my Lot. The lot arrived to her safely and she mailed him to me along with a bunch of cute goodies. She was so kind to gift me along with a trade! I’m just so thankful for all the help she’s given me for finding some of my top ISO’s. Love you sis!

First, the Rushton bear!!!

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Latest Happy Sachiyo, ETC

As I mentioned, I was able to adopt another Happy Sachiyo creation. It’s been one month since my pre-order and Sachiyo emailed me to say that she was sent out. I was so thrilled and couldn’t wait to receive my new bunbun!

I chose pink this time, since I already have a blue bunny. When I went to check the mail, the postal person, Jen was still putting out the mail. I was surprised to see she was still there, at 11am. She mentioned that there was a lot of mail to put out, because the sorting machine is finally working again. Now, I know why mail was so slow even from Japan. Gosh!

Two mail pieces she had me sign for, and one was from Sachiyo, Yessss!

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Finally, Some Happy Mail!!

Yup, it’s been really slow with the mail lately… probably because of the holidays coming up and weather, duh! I really needed some happy mail to arrive, thank goodness today it did! Oh well, here’s what came in…


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