Lots of Goodies in the Mail!!

Today, was one of those days that well… everything decided to happen all at once. Yesterday, I got a call from my postal person, because I had some boxes. I wasn’t able to get them, until today and more boxes came in…Hehe. Christmas all over again! Today’s mail haul…


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Latest Sailormoon Capsule Toys!

I received the newly released Bandai Sailormoon series capsule toy set, “Antique Jewelry Cases”. There are six in the set. I was so thrilled to see the pre-release via one of the gatcha toys I got from my Narita trip. I waited and sure enough, an announcement for this particular set was said to be released in October! I was able to order them, and I’m so glad I did too!


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Goods from Abroad

I’ve been busy with some creative work as of late and it took up a lot of time and attention. So, after trying to take a bit of a break, here’s what I received in the mail this past week!

While doing some searches two weeks ago via ebay, I found this lovely vintage Cortendorf Girl Wall Pocket! Made in West Germany, she was one of my ISOs. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the listing… She arrived from the West Coast.


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Another Kitty Figurine Find!

Today, I wanted to share with you a ceramic kitty find via instagram, that was awesome!

While doing my usual browsing, I came across a vintage clothing seller that had some cute ceramic cats for sale. I immediately wrote her to ask for a tag, if she should sell. But, didn’t hear from her for a few days. When she did write me, she shared that her ceramic kitties were still available. Of course, I jumped at the chance to buy them and I’m so glad I did.


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Fun Photo Shoot with Nana and More!

I decided since I wasn’t going to do an actual photo shoot at our family beach, I would create a beach scene indoors for Nana… It was fun to try!

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New Old Online Finds Arrive…

Since the mini vacay, etc. mail I was expecting from Japan, took a few days longer to arrive. Come to find out it was because of the earthquake in Mexico? Yeah, not really sure either, but that was the excuse Japan Post gave. Apparently, they stopped all International mail leaving Japan, to find out the status of Mexico’s earthquake. At least that was what I understood, as I read the notice to all customers, that had shipped orders. Oh well. Just glad they did come in. So, here is what I found last week!

I won this lovely retro Eico Hanamura bag. “Haruko” is a cosmetic brand, using Eico’s anime shoujo art. I fell in love with the design. I may have it framed?


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Loot From Mini Vacay!

Here’s what I brought back with me from my family’s mini vacation!

This time, I made sure to get some gatcha prizes! At Aeon Mall, two of the shops, I had planned to visit was Book Off and Daiso. I really wanted to get more bows, either in the styles I had already or whatever they had for sale… We were pressed for time, so we went to Book Off first. Sadly, not much was there, not like last time. There were a few vintage toys and dolls, but nothing worth getting for me. Sam was like what kind of shop is this? He wouldn’t understand and we even tried explaining it to him… Oh well.


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