My Copyright Poem, Upcycled Projects, Snaps from Guam!

This past summer, I decided to get a poem I had written back in 1995 copy written. I knew one day, I would probably publish it, but at the same time I wanted to be sure it was protected. So, I paid the $40 and finally after about 5 months, my written works is certifiably copyrighted with The Library of Congress! Yay! I got the letter and certificate in the mail today!

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Online Kitschy Cute Finds!

My how time flies, it is already December 2nd here on Guam and its beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Here are some kitschy cute finds that made its way through all the Christmas hubbub!

I found this cute vintage posedoll sitting with blue hair on Yahoo Japan. She will need a bit of cleaning. But, I just love her tropical dress and blue hair!


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Vintage Finds Arrive during Thanksgiving Break…

It was another wonderful family gathering for Thanksgiving at our family beach. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.

Friday, I had planned to take the girls back to Japan for another day trip, but sadly, after set up and break down of the beach gathering. We were too exhausted to get up early enough to catch the first flight out. Oh well, another time.

So, instead here is what came in the mail!

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38th Japanese Festival and More…

We made sure to attend the 38th Annual Japanese Autumn Festival this year, since last year was awesome!

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Japan Goods and My Dolls

Since that quick trip, I finally had time to work on my collection and much more. First, here’s what came in earlier this week… I received a set of Vinyl Artist Gatcha Morris the Cat with Antlers by Hinatique. I had several people via IG asking if I could bring some in. So, I did. They sold very quickly too. I will try my best to bring more in. But, after checking most places, have sold out!!


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Amazing Work by Alex Dalton and More!

A few months ago, I was smitten by a doll from a fellow collector via IG posted on his stream. It was the teen version of Pebbles, from “The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show”, 1971. I decided to be brave and ask him where he bought her? His reply was, “No, I repainted and made her outfit.” I was in awe… I loved the show and to have a doll just like Pebbles, would be dreamy. So, I asked if he was willing to customize one for me? He agreed. Oh my!

(Not my art on the left, image from google.)

I am so glad I asked him. She arrived to me safely, and I’m just in love with her! She really does look like Pebbles, and her dress is just so much like her cartoon character!! Alex did an awesome job!

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We Made It To Nakano, Tokyo For The Day!

Okay, why did it take this long… convincing myself that I could do it! Ha. Gosh, its probably been more than 8 years since Leo of Poupee Mechanique told me I should go to Nakano Broadway… What?! Yup, he shared with me back then when we emailed each other often, that I should check it out. It is now, Saturday, November 11, 2017 and I finally took his advice. There is a shop there, that I’ve found some of my best vintage goodies, online now! But, I figured I could convince myself, that if I could make it to Nakano, then maybe going their myself and picking up merch for my shop, will be less expensive, etc. Right? Read on to find out my discovery.

I told my husband, that since it was a 3 day weekend for most of us here in the US. I decided to take the girls and try for a quick visit to Nakano Broadway. A shopping plaza in Nakano, Tokyo area. He agreed to it and the girls and I packed super light, backpacks and extra change of clothes. We slept early and made out way to the Airport at 3am…

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Fun with Shrink Plastic!

I found a shrink plastic sheets at my local Goody Store/Daiso! I decided to give it a go, and had to do some tweaking here, and there to get it to where I am happy with my creation… This was late October, of course, it looked pretty easy, right?! Not quite. LOL


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Vinyl Artists Gatcha!

As of late, many of my fellow collectors via IG are smitten by the latest release of “Vinyl Artist Gatcha” or VAG by Hinatique called, “Morris, The Cat with Antlers”. Too funny. I was thinking they were just cute deer. But, literally it says, the cat with antlers! Ha. Cat lovers and Deer lovers will smitten too!


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