New Finds in My Etsy Shop!

Here’s what came in the mail, and will add them to my etsy shop!

These amazing vintage large ceramic poodle dog figurine couple set with hats. I love their coloring so pastel and bright. The male has an original ribbon tie, and the female has a gold tone chain necklace. I was able to get them through Yahoo Japan.


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Kitschy Cute Finds!

Oh my gosh, one of my favorite posts to date. I was able to find these amazing items, through instagram and Yahoo Japan. Here’s what they are…

First, a lovely friend via instagram was selling some gorgeous vintage steel key holders. She had 3 up for grabs. Sadly, I was only able to get one, but, it was one I wanted, so, yay me!


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My Finds Come In…

Here are some unique finds that came in the past weekend…
It was a busy “Father’s Day” weekend for me. So, I do hope you all had a great one too! This quite unique find, I got through Yahoo Auctions. This cutie’s face just scream, “You know you want me!” LOL


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Large Bunny Coin Bank Found!

Yay! I finally, was able to find my large girl bunny coin bank, her man! LOL

While doing searches through ebay France, a seller put up for auction a large bunny coin bank. Sadly, the seller would not allow me to bid, after I inquired. Thank goodness for dear dolly friends that will! Hehe. We won him last month and he arrived so quickly and safely to me. Yee haw!

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Trades, Goodies Arrive, ETC.

Today’s mail was very much anticipated. I’ve been busy with other things to do finds as of late. But, last week was a bit better.

Here’s what came in today.

I traded my vintage plaster aqua cat coin bank for these cute vintage Poodle chained, figurines. They are small, but oh so cute! My trading partner Ana H. covered my box in this lovely floral wrapping paper, and even added a sweet note! Thank you dear sweet Ana!

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Summer Blues?

Last summer, my kids were complaining they were bored, so, I found a post via facebook using the word, “Bored”, giving them things to consider, before they complained about being bored. Ha. It was very helpful.


This summer, my youngest said, she wanted to go on an adventure. So, here’s what I came up with… and posted it via facebook and Instagram!

No matter where you live, this can be done.
Enjoy and I hope this helps for a great summer! Love, – ggsdolls

Kids bored for the summer? Take them on an adventure… One day out of the week, choose one place on island to explore with them. Example, Inarajan Village, Do a walk through and share the history of the village. Pack lunch and find a spot, sit and talk about what they’ve just experienced. You’d be surprised to see the learning and bonding that happens😊❤️

Vintage Litho Art Print by Eden!

I recently used “Buy it Now” on ebay for this cute vintage Litho art print by Eden, called, “Pensive”. I just love it. Most of Eden’s works are lovely, but this one, is my fave, I think, unless I find another? Haha.


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Finally, Some Mail Today…

Yup, not doing much shopping these days, mostly by choice. I do find things often, I just choose not to buy, like I used too…


Here are a few goodies, I finally received!

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