My Trade Arrives!

I recently posted via instagram a trade of my Furry Pup coin bank to see what other collectors might offer for him…

Some offered to buy, others offered squeaks, and figurines, all of which were some really great items. But, I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular or more so, I wasn’t even sure what I might be interested in?! Ugh. But, I definitely wanted to re-home him. So, after a few days, a dear fellow collector offered her huge sweater puppy wearing a hat. I figured that this pup would go really well with my huge sweater cat! So, off I sent Mr. Blue furry Pup and here arrived sweater pup! The Vintage Unicorn, sent her pup well packed and she arrived safely to me. Box a bit battered, and wet, but inside, the figurine was fine. Whew! The figurine was very dirty from years of dust, the ear fur was supposed to be white, but it was gray, almost black. The hat was a bit brittle, and the tail and bow were delicate to touch. I decided to try to clean her up…

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80s Find and ggsdolls Tees!!

Hello fellow collectors, I hope you all are having a great start to 2019?! It’s been a busy week with cleaning the guesthouse for the next tenants and finding online kitschy cute stuff!! Here’s what I discovered the past week…


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More Tinklechan Etc!

While visiting one of my usual online Japanese shops, I discovered another loose Tinkle chan doll with her original stand!! Yippee! She arrived safely to me today and I’m just pleased as punch to have her! She is a blonde haired version, wearing her original dress. Sadly, dirty. But still lovely. I was able to wash her hair and stand to get most of the caked dust off. But sadly, her dress is another story…


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Online Haul Arrives…

Here are some finds, from various online shops, that came in!! I found a swimmer mini table, mirror, a vintage dolly badge, and ceramic bunny couple.


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Day After Christmas…

Oh my goodness, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas?! Mine was simple, and very special too! I woke up early as usual and realized that I hadn’t put the ‘Santa’ present under the tree?! What!!! Yup. It was already 6:17am. So, I didn’t bother putting on my glasses and rushed out to tape the name tag on from Santa, and place it front and center. Then, I went back into my bedroom and the rest is history. We all started opening presents about 8:30am.

I had gotten some special gifts this year, Sam gave me a very special card, and it definitely made me realize he does know how much I do for him and the girls. Yesss. But, it is nice to be told thanked too! Ha. Taby, since having a job, has been truly giving this year. She got each of us gifts of things we could use, Sam a massage seat and replacement band for his watch, Sara her Bendy game, she’s been wanting since a few years ago, and for me she gave a lovely wall art, that reminds me a lot of our vintage Waifs and Big eyed litho prints by Margaret Keane, she got me a chair!!

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New Childrens Book For Pre Order!

Hello my fellow collectors! It’s Christmas Eve here on Guam
and I just had to share…
 Pre-Order of my new children’s book, hardcover!!

“Our Dearest Friends”


Cynthia Flores

Available through my Etsy shop, for $21.95 plus shipping
Limited Time Discount Price, regular price $39.99!
 Here is a children’s book I wrote, and photographed, using vintage dolls and toys from my collection! If you enjoyed reading those Froebel Kan, Shiba childrens board books as a kid, from the 1960’s or 1970’s by Akihiko Tsutsumi, then you will love this book! I created this book with a retro style, modeled after Mr. Tsutsumi’s work! A great book for those who love vintage dolls and toys or as a gift to your favorite little person. This book has over 10 full colored photos, and is easy reading for your little one!

Available only through my Etsy shop, link above! This is a pre-order for the book, and when purchased includes shipping. This means when the books arrive to me in January. I will ship them ASAP to you. Thank you so much for your pre-order! This book was made with love of vintage dolls and toys by me, and I truly appreciate your business. Thank you for shopping with a small business and a small author.

Love, Cynthia/Gigi
Copyright:  Cynthia Flores
Edition:  First Edition
Published:  November, 27 2018
Language:  English
Pages:  22
Binding:  Hardcover Photobook
Interior Ink:  Full color
Dimensions (inches): 8.5 wide x 11 tall
Thank you for the love of reading! ~ ggsdolls