Finds from Japan Arrive!

I have been slowly getting some goodies in. But, with the Japanese Yen getting stronger then the US dollar. It will be hard to keep finding them at reasonable prices… Ugh.

So, here’s what made it in the made this past week, and today…


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Tan Poppo Chan Type Little Girl Arrives!

I received two cute items in the mail today! I just had to quickly share…


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My Angels Have Their Wings!

I acquired these cute angels here from my previous post, and found them replacement instruments here. Today, I received the wings to replace the one’s that are missing on them, Yippee!! I actually tried twice before to find them wings. First, I found a bunch at Underground Dungeon’s here on Guam, a kind of Party City. Sadly, they were wired ones and I didn’t want to glue gun them on, I want to be able to remove them when ever… Ugh. So, I opted to using some plastic one’s from a set of Tinker belle fairies… They arrived from China, damaged. Most of the wings broke during transit and the ones that did survive, were to hard to stick into the hole at their backs, because their heads were too big, and it didn’t allow the peg to stay in… Double ugh!

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Gay Ware Canisters Arrive!

I just received an ISO from my wish list. Thanks to my dear friend Anahera from Australia, via Instagram. She had this set for sale! If you read my blog post here, it talks about how I fell in love with a Nally ware set and now, have the original Gay ware set it was created from! Yay!


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Created a Doll Size Marina Clip!

Yesss, I finally got in all the supplies in to create a doll size 1/6 scale, Marina hair clip… Taby and I worked on it the rest of Monday afternoon, into the early evening… And here’s some quick shots!

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Nagoya Castle for The Day…

Taby and I decided we’d try to go to Nagoya for a day and this time bring Manny, my nephew. We checked the flights and all looked well too.

So, on Friday, we picked him up from my brother and had him spend the night, so he wouldn’t have to stress his parents having to leave the house early. We left early Saturday morning to find parking and picked up breakfast before getting to the airport. Once there, we got our boarding passes and went through TSA. Once through, we headed to our gate after resting where there was wifi. Our flight left about 7am, we all got First Class seats, yay! It was Manny’s first time flying to Japan and even better, on First Class! Awesome!

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Rare Tall Goebel Found!

A fellow doll collector, Leonor, contacted me earlier this month, asking if I was still looking for the tall version of the Goebel doll #4201? I told her yes, and she immediately shared that she found a seller in France that had one on her blog. She actually had two of them, but sold the brunette some time ago. The seller was willing to sell the blonde she had. I was so ecstatic that, this dear friend thought of me. After she received the doll, she notified me. Then, I sent her the payment for the doll and shipping to my address. I checked the mail today, and she was there!! Yippee!


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New Moo Business Cards in and More!

Yay, I decided to try a different business card style offered via They arrived to me today and I’m just thrilled. They will be in all items purchased from my shop. So, be looking out for them in your boxes!!


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Marina Hair Clips, Valentines Feels, Etc.

It’s been quite a busy week for me! I was definitely surprised by my husband and not expecting anything for Valentine’s Day. Especially because, we decided to just do things simple from now on… Ha, not the case! I got up as per usual to see the girls off to school. When I came out to pack Sara’s lunch, this is what I saw on the dining table!! Whoa! Roses, a sweet huge bear, basket with chocolates, a balloon, on the computer desk he left me a card a rose with chocolates, flavored popcorn and more chocolates. Here, all I just got him was a card!!


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Classic Toys Stamps!!

A fellow collector Marcello, shared on his IG, that he was able to acquire a newly released “Classic Toys” selection of stamps. I decided to check and see if they were still up for grabs and sure enough they were! Yay! Check through Royal Mail website.


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