Marina Hair Clips, Valentines Feels, Etc.

It’s been quite a busy week for me! I was definitely surprised by my husband and not expecting anything for Valentine’s Day. Especially because, we decided to just do things simple from now on… Ha, not the case! I got up as per usual to see the girls off to school. When I came out to pack Sara’s lunch, this is what I saw on the dining table!! Whoa! Roses, a sweet huge bear, basket with chocolates, a balloon, on the computer desk he left me a card a rose with chocolates, flavored popcorn and more chocolates. Here, all I just got him was a card!!


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Classic Toys Stamps!!

A fellow collector Marcello, shared on his IG, that he was able to acquire a newly released “Classic Toys” selection of stamps. I decided to check and see if they were still up for grabs and sure enough they were! Yay! Check through Royal Mail website.


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In Search Of…

It’s been another busy week. Working on taxes. Never fun. Haha. So, last month, I was able to snag a few goodies via online and one is from a fellow collector and friend, Christine of kitschandkawaii shop on etsy.

She was doing a fundraiser via her sales on etsy. I saw her goods that she announced would be listed and amongst all of her dreamy vintage goodies, was a set I had been after for years. I actually first saw the set, I thought from Gretchen of Shop 66. But, it wasn’t from her. It was another fellow collector on flickr Grenadine Supreme. She had a few of the cuties, along with some bug cuties, this was about August, 2008. Fast forward to June, 2013, Christine’s collection of the same cuties shown on her work desk via flickr photo. Now, 2018, I finally have her set in my possession… Thanks Christine for the gift too dear!!

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Busy Creating and Online Finds!

I’ve had a few ideas rolling around in my head, that recently were completed. Little did I realize that they were of a similar theme, until I stepped back and looked at what I’ve done. Haha.

I bought this cute jar of shells and blue sea glass from ROSS last weekend. Sorry no before photo. It had a lovely ‘Ocean Breeze’ scent as well. I took out the shells and sea glass and decided to create a little terrarium of sorts with somethings added to it. I found my artificial seaweed in storage and took Charlotte my hybrid Konami mermaid figure and put her inside… Now, I have a little mermaid in a bottle!

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Sweetest Vintage Dolly Book EVERRR!

While doing my usual searches through etsy. I came across, my friends shop and saw she had a dolly up for sale, that I had gotten before… After reading the description and looking at the doll, it included a book! I decided to buy the doll again just because of the book. Only because I was worried someone else would snatch the listing up… LOL Funny story. My friend contacted me and asked if I wanted just the book instead. She was so sweet and refunded my monies and just listed the book by itself!! Awe, thank you so much dear. I bought it and can’t wait for it to arrive…
I decided to do some research on the book, while I wait for it to come in the mail. In my findings, it’s a Dutch childrens story book rewritten in 1963 by a company called, Nutricia. They sold baby foods, snacks, and drinks. The books were probably sold or given as promos to advertise their products. There are other books in this series. But, only the one story about this cute doll. The title of the book is called, “Wiesje Wollepop”. I’ve seen this book somewhere before, but I just can’t seem to recall… My mind is going. Anyhow, I was able to find a translation of the story. You see it’s written in Dutch. So, I took the translations and the scans of the book and edited them. So, here they are, and now we all can enjoy reading this adorable story!!

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ggsdolls Tees in My Etsy Shop Now!

I just listed my newly released ggsdolls design “Squeak Toy Trio” Youth Tees in my shop!! They are available in Youth Small, Youth Medium, and Youth Large! Get them while they last! I hope to make more and in adult sizes too!

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Finally Finished My Reroot!

Oh my goodness, it was definitely a long process, and mostly waiting for the Saran hair I ordered a second time, to come in. I started this attempt back in December 28, 2017, post is here. I finished the saran hair I had ordered the first time.

Sad thing was that according to the shops directions, if I was doing a barbie sized head, I would only need the one bag. But, then again, because of the length of hair, I wanted, it finished up the bag. When the second order came in. I didn’t get back to working on the head right away. But, when I did, it wasn’t too far long to finish. After I had her head completed fully. The next step was to boil set the hair.


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Cherry Chan Fun!

It’s been fun dressing and redressing my Cherry Chan! I took out some of my doll clothing that were in storage, and finding the dresses I’ve had for years that fit her. It just changes her look with each fashion selection!!

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Miyuki Odani’s Detective Prom Queen Cherry Chan!!

Finally, I was able to get my hands on a Miyuki Odani’s “Be My Baby” Cherry Chan doll. This is the Shinjuku Isetan Release from December 2017. I had actually fell in love with Cherry chan back in October and was even very close to snagging an “Abbie” Cherry chan. But, because I just happened upon the sale page and didn’t have a proxy buyer, I lost out. Ugh!! Oh well, this time. I was able to get one that a friend was letting go. Yippee! She arrived safely to me today, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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