More Upcycling Fun!

I recently won a Lot of shaker cuties…

On ebay, I found this lot. I’ve already listed the mod green pair. I didn’t want to up-cycle them, they look amazing just as they are.

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Redoing the Pin Cushion Chairs…

I was not happy with the upcycled work I did on the pin cushion chairs here, the first time…

So, I began working on them last night and then started on them this morning. I must say, I’m very pleased with my work on them now!


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Another Mail Day Of Kitsch for My Shop!

Here are the goodies I found last week for the shop! From Yahoo Japan, I got this lovely minty Sukiyo Pose Doll in White, a Yellow Panda coin bank, and a Lot with two bobble head retro dogs.


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A Sweet Gift and More…

I received some cute items today and a special gift as well!

Do you recall a music box I got recently, here? The one is missing its ballerina dancer… Well, I was contacted by a follower via IG and she offered to give me a ballerina she had, that would be great for my music box?! I told her, she was much to kind, but, she insisted, and the amazing little gift arrived to me today!

Sweet Melody, even added some retro cute cut outs, stickers, etc. inside…


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Prayers For Peace

I just wanted to send this post to all of you… my dear friends, bloggers, readers, and lurkers of blogs, that all of us on Guam are fine. We truly appreciate your heart felt wishes, prayers and thoughts for us all, here on Guam. It means a lot to us, that you are sending prayers this way.

Peace is what we all want, and sometimes it does come at a price. We’ve known for quite some time that Guam is a strategic place for the US, otherwise, they wouldn’t have fought to keep us a territory. It’s just ironic, that we celebrated our 73rd Liberation from the Japanese, last month, on July 21st.

But, hey, life goes on, and we are living as usual. I believe, that there is strength in knowing God, and that prayers do give us hope for peace. Guam’s people are strong in faith, and in hope. We survived, 300 years of Spanish Colonial Rule. Chamorros will live on.

Thank you all again, from the bottom of my heart,


VTG Licca Chan Gum and More!

Here are some amazing things I was able to find, that came in today!

As you may already know, I collect Licca chan Lotte bubble gum toys. They are similar to Glico toys, but these have the Licca chan name on them, also by Lotte. I grew up with these yummy gums at my local Mom & Pop stores. I often would beg my Mom to buy me some if I saw them on the candy aisle. I found one up for grabs online, and unopened too! Yippee! Along with another cute item.


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Want to Make a Furry Figurine?

Here’s a quick way you can create those really cute vintage furry figurines you see in some collectors photos. I was asked a few times, on how I made the furry cutie here in this post. So, naturally, I’d rather share how I did it via blog post!

You saw the cute little deer shakers I bought through etsy in this post here… Here’s what I had planned for them…


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Finds For Today!

Here’s what came in today! I managed to trade, and find some goodies that arrived…

This is a set of two vintage vinyl toy dolls mint in package that I traded with Poshtottydesignz. They arrived safely to me from the UK. I was so thrilled too. As of late, I’ve been trying to find metal pin cushion chairs. Sadly, most are faded. But, the two that Katie had were minty mint! I was happy when she agreed to a trade. Yippee!


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