Another Happy Sachiyo Creation!!

Announcing the newest creation by Happy Sachiyo… A sweet blue fawn friend!! After receiving my last small pink bunny, I asked Sachiyo if she could try to make me a fawn. She said she would let me know after the holidays when her next preorder was. I was truly surprised to hear from her about mid December, that she was ready to begin working on my deer. Of course, I made sure to save up for him and I was so glad, that when she asked, I had enough funds saved. Whew. I quickly paid for him, and patiently waited for her to email me when or if she was done.

Fast forward to today… Sachiyo had messaged me and sent photos of his completion. I was beyond ecstatic!! I was literally out of breath when I read the email. The blue fawn looks just like the Meyercord decal, I mean, almost exact! I will need to take a photo of my fawn and have him pose exactly like the decal so you can see. I was very happy and I asked her if he could move, well in the sense that you could place him in poses. She said at first no, she hadn’t made him poseable. But within a few hours, she had emailed me back saying, “…he’s very energetic…” I was so surprised to see the way she had him posed and all the cute flowers surrounding him. Wow!

Photos above are by Happy Sachiyo. He was so cute. She had mailed him out later that same day too. He arrived in the mail safely. But, because I had been uptown most of the day, it wasn’t until late evening I had gotten a chance to open him up. Inside, the round hat box, Sachiyo had included an identification card, and several printed photos of my special fawn. He was wearing a cute floral crown, and a lot of plastic purple and pink rose shaped cabs. In a clear baggy, was two butterflies, and several plastic flowers, an array of colorful blooms too. I decided to place all the extras back into the box and focus on just the fawn. He is made just so delicately, baby blue fur, with white spots and even the details of his hooves. He wears a yellow ribbon with a gold bell hanging from the center, and his ears are pink inside and just like Happy Sachiyo Bunnies. Oh my gosh, and who could resist that cutest face ever! This is the Vintage Meyercord Decal on the left, that I asked Sachiyo to use as a template. What do you think? Just about right. He will definitely be a lovely addition to my little collection. I hope to have more fun with him again later… Definitely worth every cent and the wait!!

I also received this lovely set of curtains and a floor mat, for the Bandai Everyone’s House. I just need to try it out in the house and take photos. I have yet to change the flooring to the wood side too. LOL Hopefully soon. Just been so busy, with so many projects on top of the regular work. They are original to the dollhouse too. So, it was definitely nice to find them available.

Then, I also touched up the cute Ichigo-Chan coin bank and the Bear mirror. Ichigo-chan had some paint loss on her head, but sadly, I didn’t have the shade of green for her color. She is already adopted too. So she is on her way stateside to her new owner. The bear mirror just needed a bit of touching up on his pink hair, and nose. He is staying in my collection for now.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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