Lots of Swimmer Japan Mirrors!!

Oh my gosh, I found a lot of cute Swimmer Japan mirrors, that are all sold out. I had to get some of them for my shop! Here’s what came in…


I found each mirror separately, another brown fawn mirror, another beige fawn, a rare pink bear, a floral with purple with blue 70s style mirror, and not shown a large strawberry girl coin bank. Three of the five items will be available for sale in my shop. The pink Swimmer bear mirror, is quite unique. I’ve only seen it one other time and he will need a little touch up on his nose and a good wipe down. His base is movable to lay flat or to have him stand upright. The mirror swivels to so that you can magnify your face when applying makeup. I will keep him for my collection for now. The flower power mirror below is also a rare one. Generally, sold out quickly, I was shocked to find one at all. I need to do a quick wipe down too on this one. I’m still deciding if I will keep or not…LOL. The strawberry girl coin bank, is huge! About 6.5 inches tall. She looks very familiar, but not sure from where. It says, “1997, Create Co. L…” She has a few areas needing touch up to her paint. I will work on that. She also still has her original stopper. I will add her to the shop soon as well! Last, I found this lovely vintage celluloid Hommer handkerchief box, with lovely ballerina on the cover. I’ve seen the teal colored box, but to find a lovely pink one. Yay! From Ebay, this will be added to my collection to hold my handkerchiefs.

Head over to my shop, I’ve listed many rare and cute items from my collection already! Thank you so much for supporting a small business. My family and I truly appreciate it!

Thank you! ~ ggsdolls

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