Missing in Action…

Sorry, not much going on as of late. It’s been kind of slow. Mail is slow, findings have slowed, etc. I know I’ve shared with you all, that I’ve slowed down on searching and buying. But, if there is something you’d like me to locate, I’m still willing to do so. I think it is more so, that I’ve slowed for my own collecting or collections.

I did receive these cuties in the mail from ebay though…

I found them while searching for other Japan made ceramic figurines. I actually won a much more faded blue baby, just a week before, but the seller refused to send to Guam! Mainly, because she didn’t want to fill out customs forms. Yup, I still run into those types of sellers. The listing said, “ship only to USA”, Guam is a US territory. I explained to her, but she out right refunded me and said, “I don’t want to fill out forms.” I even told her it can be done online, with out much hassle… Nope. Oh well, a few days after, I found a Lot of 2 of these cute babies and won! Yay me, in your face, seller who doesn’t want to press buttons, cuz its just so hard to do! Ha!

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This Week’s Finds!

I recently traded a ceramic coin bank for an Iwai baby bear squeak toy, and other goodies followed with her! So sweet. My trade with Ana H. was too generous. She added a pink squeak toy bear, just like my blue honey bear, and a very large red head girl on the phone. That I asked her about a few weeks back.

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Diakeito Diagold Mascot Doll

I received an amazing find through Yahoo Japan Saturday! I have seen these dolls a few times before back in 2008, and 2009. I’ve tried bidding on them, but lost every time. This time, I finally won one. Yay!

ダイヤモンド毛糸/ Diakeito Diagold, is a company that manufactures yarn 100% wool, in Japan. From my research, there are even manuals that show different ways to knit cute clothing, using their products.


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Time Changes Things…

Sorry, I’ve been ‘missing in action’ the past few days. I’ve reached a realization with my collecting and searches… Maybe it’s positive or it may be negative? But, I’m starting to lose the desire to search for anything the past few days. What?! Yup.

Or maybe it’s been something long time coming. Well, for whatever reason, I will try my best to keep my blog posts coming, as best I can.

Also, I’d like to announce that if you see anything in my past blog posts or shop, that may interest you… Email me, make me an offer, I may be willing to let that item go?! Seriously, make me an offer, I can’t refuse! I often want others to enjoy the treasures I’ve found through the years. Many have come and gone, I’m okay with it, and happy to know that the item, can bring joy to someone else. That’s important to me, however small of a miracle it may mean to that person.

Okay, before I start getting all tear jerky. Ha. Here’s what I did receive the past week.

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My Latest Trade!

Oh my goodness, I just have to showcase the trade I received today!!  Jess, a fellow collector via IG, wanted to trade for my cute furry dog. So, I agreed. She allowed me to adopt her white deer couple set. Yes, I do own the right facing deer, but to have the left! Yay.

The box arrived safely to me today, and to my very surprise, Jess even allowed me to adopt her ceramic bear! What?! Oh my gosh, I’m dreaming. You see, long story short, back in early January, she was offering her brown ceramic bear for sale or trade. I DMed her and asked her about him, she was asking me what I wanted to offer as a price. Then, later, we both just got busy with life… I asked if he sold, or was traded, she didn’t say or maybe she didn’t get my message on him? Not sure… Fast forward to now, she sent him along with the trade for the fawns!


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This Weeks Haul…

Here’s what came in this week!

This lovely MerryBee meyercord decal letter box/Organizer. I will be adding it to my shop, if anyone is interested. Beautifully made too. You can even display your Shevie dolls in them!

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Lovely Mod Figurine Found!

While doing my usual searches via ebay, I came across a very unique figurine… that caught my eye! She had a BIN feature and I immediately purchased her! She ended up being shipped back to the seller by accident, but then reshipped and still got here super fast too!


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Random Things…

Taby wanted to find a cell phone case, so whilst we did. I found some things for myself…

One of the places we decided to check out was Giftoria in the Agana Shopping Center. Wow, so many cute anime, and Disney items! I found this Bandai Luminary Tears Compact blind box. $6.95 a bit pricey for me. But, I figured I’d give it a try and see what I randomly get….


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Finds and Trades…

It’s been a regular week, and kids are back to school… Here’s what came in the past 3 days!

I have often seen many of my fellow collectors with these cute tall white deers! Earlier this year I had a chance to buy a set, but the price was just a bit much at the time and I couldn’t afford them. So, months later, Christine on etsy, had the pair up for sale in her shop! I told myself, I could at least get one… and I did.


It is quite large, not that I expected it to be very small, but, Wow! Christine packed it nice and safely! I always enjoying getting items from her shop when I can.  This vintage white deer is big, like 11inches of tall-ness! Stamped “Japan” underneath, there is a partner, facing left, that I didn’t not get at this time… Maybe next time? I love their doe-y big eyes! I may replace the ribbon or not. Now, to find a spot to display her!

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