Sweet Oike Toddler Doll

I recently bidded on a vintage baby doll via Yahoo Japan and won. I’m not sure if I’ve seen her before or not. But, now that she’s arrived. I may have…


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Vintage Online Finds!

Online finds arrive! Yay!

First, this in lovely condition Lapin Ficelle/ Bunny string holder from France. I was doing my usual searches and was in shock to find it still available on IG!! What?!! Yup, a really sweet seller Broc and Sisters, had this adorable piece still up for grabs. I had to read the post twice to be sure, and just in case, I was dreaming, I DMed them, and sure enough it was still available… Yessss!


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Starting the Year Off…

We had a New Year’s gathering, so I ended up really tired on New Year’s day. LOL But, the good kind of exhausted. I hope your year is going just as good.

On New Year’s Day, the girls wanted to go shopping. We had been holding onto our Christmas money to spend after New Year’s had passed. So, we went to Toys R Us, Kmart and of course Ross. Sara found some more My Little Ponies she collects, Taby found clothes, and I decided to get one of the Lil’ Sister LOL Surprise balls. One of our guest tenants, had taken her daughter to ToyRUs looking for the larger version and found it for cheap there.


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First Attempt at Rerooting…

I recently, decided to try my hand at rerooting… If you search it up, several videos are posted via Youtube that you can watch to learn the basics. I found this one to be simple and fairly easier for me to attempt. Here.

I removed Francine’s hair and waited for the saran hair I purchased via etsy to arrive from Australia. I wanted golden blonde to reroot too. It arrived and I finally had a day at home to start it off. Unlike the video, I just used my scissors, a big eye needle and threader I got from the 100yen store and my craft pliers. As the video showed, after you’ve removed the hair, you take the saran hair you want to use and separate into sections. I tie the one end up and use my scissors to trim the excess. Now, depending on whether you want long hair or short, determines how much of the hair you will have to use.

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Latest Finds Arrive!

Oh my Christmas is just one day away! Time sure is flying super fast now! Anywho, here are some things that I picked up online and at our local Kmart!


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Gayware Harlequin Spice Canister Set!

Oh my, I finally was able to acquired a vintage Gayware harlequin spice canister set recently. It arrived safely from Australia. I also got to know a lovely seller named Ana, from this purchase.


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Online Finds This Week!!

Here’s what came in the mail today!! Mail has been trickling in slowly. So, today when my postal carrier called and said, “Cyn, you’ve got a few boxes!” I quickly made my way to her to pick them up. We were hoping a few were Christmas gifts that were ordered, not. Oh well…


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