Vintage Anime Puzzles!

I received two amazing vintage Japanese puzzles in the mail, and more!!

Vintage Hazedon Puzzle featuring Sheila the mermaid singing. Still has its vintage packaging, great for display too. You can read more about the sofubi I found of Sheila here in this post!


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Online Finds In…

Here’s what I found online, that came in this week… I ordered these via IG from a fellow shop, Atomic Kitty, I believe. She has a lot of vintage trinkets, etc. for amazingly cheap prices. So, when she posted about these vintage Kiddiegem fashion jewelry, I had to get myself a set. In this case, two!! I received one bracelet similar to my Mother’s engagement bracelet, she used to wear, but is now inherited by my sister or her daughter. The set just brings back memories of the ‘good ole’ days. Ahhhh….


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Margaret Keane Art Prints!!

Finally! I’ve always wanted a particular art print by Margaret Keane, of course at the time, it was signed by her husband, in the 1960s. More info. from a past post, back when, I watched the movie the link here. Waifs, Big eyed, lonely lisa, suzie sad eyes, Blythe, etc. have always been a part of the vintage wants as a collector of dolls, now ceramics, and not to forget Lithograph art prints.

While doing some searching on Etsy, I found this Lot available. Two Keane prints. “Waiting”, and the other is, “Little Ones.” I have been on the search for, “Waiting” for not too long, when I discovered this one a few weeks ago. Sadly, the seller took a week to ship, and when I questioned her about it, that was when she shipped them. Oh wait, she just created the label for them, but didn’t turn them into USPS, until I ask a week later!! Ugh. I’m not gonna start on that…  So, even though, I was disappointed on how long it took the seller to ship them. I am just telling myself, that it was worth it to finally have the Litho print I’ve always admired… Count your blessings Gigi. I am.

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Biba San Jose, and More!

It was an awesome weekend that past. For the first time in many years, we celebrated our village fiesta in my parents newly restored home. My youngest brother and his family live there now. But, it was just bittersweet to finally be able to enjoy the village Patron Saint, St. Joseph, and celebrate.

So, last minute we decided to have a little gathering… There was food, entertainment from neighbors who had live bands at their party, a parade, and a carnival!! Sorry not all photographed. Hehe.

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A Few Goodies In…

Hey dear fellow collectors, as with all things some adventures come to an end. I’ve loved this hobby for many years and still do, but my collecting has change over the years and now, slowed down a lot in the past 2 years. I expect a change! So, with that being said, I will need to go through my vast collections of goods and slowly let go of many hard to find treasures, so that others can enjoy their beauty as much as I did…

I expect to go through everything over the early summer. I will announce here on my blog and through instagram. So, check my shop soon too!

Here’s what came in the past week!

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Dragons Breath!!

It’s fun to see and try new things! Earlier this year, I saw via instagram a fellow collector having her child try out “Dragon’s Breath” a cool treat. Basically, I found out it is liquid Nitrogen infused cereal balls or fruit, that you can eat and gives the impression that you are breathing out smoke, kinda like a Dragon!

Cool, right?! I figured Guam won’t have this anytime soon… Sure enough via IG, a local ice cream shop that opened recently, is bringing in the latest craze from California and they were advertising “Dragon’s Breath”!! Whaaaaaat! Yup!

Taby and I made our way down to Snow Monster to check it out!

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Another Vintage German Doll

I was able to win this vintage German DDR Florinchen doll from a fellow collector via ebay.
She arrived to me safely and here is how she looks…


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New Old Cuties!!

I just happened onto a sale via instagram and was able to snag these two cuties, and more!!

I was thrilled to find these gals still available. They are very hard to get, because most collectors keep them when they are found. Who can blame them. Haha.

I’ve seen, hairspray bottles with them, mirrors, lipstick holders, and trinket dishes. Made in Japan, these are often linked to the Japanese voice actress and artist of the 60s and 70s, Ado Mizumori, here. These ceramic ladies are often found when one least expects it. I was thrilled I did too!


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Korean Artist Dolls, You Are Killing Me!!!

Okay, what the heck is going on here?!?! Soo, many cute Korean artists dolls nowadays, it’s getting really hard to resist them! Seriously! Haha.

I had to let go of my tan Bomulsung Wango Nana Star Child Doll. I know she will be loved. But, I asked around, you see, she had a really strong chemical smell. I hadn’t noticed it before, but when I put Nana with my Blue bunny under the glass dome display. My fuzzy bunny started to turn brown!! WTH

I started to worry. So, I removed her from being displayed with him and left her in a container with my Mazelle de Paris, who had a strong vanilla smell on her. Hoping it would clear her smell. It didn’t. WARNING, some of the artists dolls made in Korea have strong chemical smells. Even a doll like Mamzelle de Paris’ vinyl can smell, but the creator was kind enough to add a lasting vanilla scent to his dolls. Though, I don’t care for either a strong sweet scent or chemical scent on any of my dolls -_-; UGH… Sorry, I have sensitive nose.

But, that’s just my side rant. Sorry. I still love these adorable dolls!! Bomulsung Wango has created so many cute dolls. I’m just in awe. Besides the tan Nana that I had in my collection. I found a friend who had helped me in the past, to find another one of her dolls. I actually wanted to get a brunette haired Lara star child, but she had a red head available from her collection. I believe her name is, “홍라라” or “Hong Lara” in English, at least that’s what google translated it to be.

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