Vinyl Artists Gatcha!

As of late, many of my fellow collectors via IG are smitten by the latest release of “Vinyl Artist Gatcha” or VAG by Hinatique called, “Morris, The Cat with Antlers”. Too funny. I was thinking they were just cute deer. But, literally it says, the cat with antlers! Ha. Cat lovers and Deer lovers will smitten too!


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ggsdolls Blog Giveaway Two for 2017 WINNERS!

Giveaway rules, etc. were posted here.
Thanks to all who participated,
I truly appreciate that you commented
and shared your thoughts with me.
Who are the winners already Gigi?!!!

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The Ultimate Find of My Collecting Career! Okay, I’m Done!

I can’t contain myself, this is like winning the Lotto for me and we don’t even have lotteries here on Guam!! LOL

This has been a year of many blessings, even with some of the hardships, as of late. I can finally say, I’m done. Let’s pack it up and call it a Lifetime! Haha. Maybe not. I have searched the internet for about 17 years for amazing and unique or rare dolls and toys, with about 5 years of searching via magazine and mail orders, prior to the internet. But, this one particular item has eluded me all these years, until last weekend!

What is the item already?! Right? Well, of course with all things we need to start at the beginning…
So, here we go, when, I started to search for vintage Japan dolls and toys back in 2000, while searching for a Mattel Francie doll made in Japan. I fell in love with many of the vintage dolls and toys showcased on Yu’s Cuties, website. Then, later while bidding on Yahoo Japan auctions and finding many of those very same dolls and toys, I started to find manga doll and toy ads. Similar to the one below…

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An Amazing Book by Tomoko Nakamura!

Oh my goodness! Was my reaction to a book I just received yesterday in the mail. Believe it or not, I stumbled upon a follower via IG last week, because as I was searching through other collectors photos and collections, I was naturally drawn to hers. I decided to message her because she had a photo of a book, I had not seen or knew about. When she replied to me via DM, it was a book she had written!? What, oh my goodness, how did I not know about this book… Ugh. So, politely, I told her she had an amazing collection and I made it my goal to find myself a copy.

Titled: “Colorful! American Junk Catalog” by Tomoko Nakamura, 2006. That same day I searched and with the amazing power of the internet, google translator and Amazon Japan, I did! Yeehaw!

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Paper Mate Dolls by Afrocat!

Today, I received a much anticipated box. Inside, three dolls created by the talented “Paper mate Doll” artists of Afrocat!

I was told by a dear sweet friend and fellow collector Marcelo of Brazil, about their release. He told me that Afrocat had just listed them for order! These amazing rubber made dolls similar to their artwork by the same name, from S. Korea. A bit of a foreword, back in 2013 or so, I had found these amazingly cute Paper Doll stickers and makeup case here. I fell in love with the cute dolls that were drawn. At the time, I had hoped, that they would make actual dolls. After some time, they had become very popular, so popular, they made cellphone cases, stationary, bags, etc. available.

Now, they’ve finally created and released rubber type dolls! What!! Yup! I couldn’t help but order them all. Oh boy! Now, I’m so glad I did. They arrived safely to me from South Korea…

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Lots of Goodies in the Mail!!

Today, was one of those days that well… everything decided to happen all at once. Yesterday, I got a call from my postal person, because I had some boxes. I wasn’t able to get them, until today and more boxes came in…Hehe. Christmas all over again! Today’s mail haul…


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Latest Sailormoon Capsule Toys!

I received the newly released Bandai Sailormoon series capsule toy set, “Antique Jewelry Cases”. There are six in the set. I was so thrilled to see the pre-release via one of the gatcha toys I got from my Narita trip. I waited and sure enough, an announcement for this particular set was said to be released in October! I was able to order them, and I’m so glad I did too!


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Goods from Abroad

I’ve been busy with some creative work as of late and it took up a lot of time and attention. So, after trying to take a bit of a break, here’s what I received in the mail this past week!

While doing some searches two weeks ago via ebay, I found this lovely vintage Cortendorf Girl Wall Pocket! Made in West Germany, she was one of my ISOs. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the listing… She arrived from the West Coast.


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