More Tinklechan Etc!

While visiting one of my usual online Japanese shops, I discovered another loose Tinkle chan doll with her original stand!! Yippee! She arrived safely to me today and I’m just pleased as punch to have her! She is a blonde haired version, wearing her original dress. Sadly, dirty. But still lovely. I was able to wash her hair and stand to get most of the caked dust off. But sadly, her dress is another story…


All the Tinklechans together, my first post on Tinkle chan here. I will need to repaint their shoes, and find stands for the other two dolls. A lovely addition to my little collection. I also received this lovely Mint-Lee noka record, flyer and bag set from Japan. A fellow collector Mayutan on IG, shared she could get a set if anyone was interested. So, I message her and she picked up the set and sent it to me. I love, the vintage look of the record, flyer, and bag. It is basically a band named, Mint-Lee noka, which consist of band mates, Midori Okamura, Mayutan, and Sayu Candy. They play fun retro style music as puppets of vintage stuffed animals seem to come to life during the night to play music.  They had a special show, with the actual record released on December 21st. I love the concept, and the fact that they released a children’s 45rpm record just like those from Show era it’s amazing! You can find out more via their website here. Now, if only I had a record player… Sam where’s your record player?! Ha. I just love the artwork on the bag, flyer and record! You can see, a vintage stuffed animal plush, Gund Boopsy Growler bear, My toy bear, a Nichibo bear, and I think it’s a chipmunk? LOL

Here you can watch a sneak peek of the show!! Looks like fun too! Last, I got this retro bubble night light, just like those vintage bubble lights from the 50s and 60s. This is a night light you could use year round. I love that it works and you can see all the bubbles too, reminds me of those lava lamps a bit! Just a few finds for my collection…

A slow-mo taken. Just excuse the news report in the background! Haha.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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