My Trade Arrives!

I recently posted via instagram a trade of my Furry Pup coin bank to see what other collectors might offer for him…

Some offered to buy, others offered squeaks, and figurines, all of which were some really great items. But, I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular or more so, I wasn’t even sure what I might be interested in?! Ugh. But, I definitely wanted to re-home him. So, after a few days, a dear fellow collector offered her huge sweater puppy wearing a hat. I figured that this pup would go really well with my huge sweater cat! So, off I sent Mr. Blue furry Pup and here arrived sweater pup! The Vintage Unicorn, sent her pup well packed and she arrived safely to me. Box a bit battered, and wet, but inside, the figurine was fine. Whew! The figurine was very dirty from years of dust, the ear fur was supposed to be white, but it was gray, almost black. The hat was a bit brittle, and the tail and bow were delicate to touch. I decided to try to clean her up…


I immediately remove the hat, the ear fur, bow, and puff tail. I took Clorox wipes, the safe ones, and wiped her down. Caked on dust was underneath the hat. After allowing the figurine to dry. I was trying to decide on fur coloring for the ears and hair. Yup, I was going to put a bouffant hairstyle. Well, I did, but after I rushed on it last night, the next morning I decided not to do a bouffant. Because it was a bit too large a look on her, and her head was not rounded but flat for the hat. Making it even harder to place a hairstyle to be puffy. Instead, I added just the blue fur onto the ears, a new bow, and new puffy tail. I took off the shredding ribbon on the hat and added a black ribbon instead. The hat is actually placed backwards, since the backside looks nice and clean still! Haha. What do you think? I could’ve used white fur instead on the ears, but I don’t care for it to turn brown after years of display, so nope. I did think about using pink or yellow, but I’ve never seen a combination of red with blue. Have you? So, that’s what I ended up with… The sweater pup is even more huge then the sweater cat!! About 15 inches tall. I think she turned out cute and just as lovely, keeping the original hat with only a few slight changes. I also got in these cute vintage small figurines with bow ties from ebay. The lot came with an elephant, two birds, and a cow. I had just sold a few of my bow tie cuties last month. LOL, so to find these, I was like why? I will eventually sell them I’m sure, since I sold off some of the others I had in my collection. We will see… The birds are new to me. I’ve always wanted the elephant, and to have the birds in yellow and red, Yesss!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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