Real Talk About Club Foot…


I shared with you about my disability in a post back in 2016, here, 2 years ago. Last week something happened, that made the possibility of me not walking anymore more ‘real’. It all started with Sam, Sara and I, heading out to meet Taby for dinner after she got off work. I was walking to the car and before I got in, I had stepped into a crab hole in the ground, not noticing it because of the grass growing. That hole has been there for years mind you, and I just wasn’t paying any attention, and twisted my foot slightly. At the time, I didn’t feel any pain and just shrugged it off as nothing. The next day, I got up from my bed to use the restroom that morning, and I literally could not step onto my right foot. I tried tip toeing into the bathroom. It was like that most of the morning, and every time I had stepped down trying to position my foot to fully step down instead of on my toes. I couldn’t do it. I went through the day trying to stay off my feet as much as I could. I quite literally couldn’t get my left foot to carry any weight. It was painful and I felt helpless. I was like what happened, and at the time, had forgotten I stepped into the crab hole and must have sprained my ankle in the process. It was very scary, I’m used to having limited mobility, but not be able to walk at all, was what really scared me…

Later, that night Taby was home from work and offered to massage my foot. She worked on my right foot, for about 20 minutes. It felt really good and I could feel her energy flowing from her hands as she massaged and touched around my ankle and heel. It was rather intoxicating. But, whatever it was, she did wonders, because by the next morning, my foot felt normal again and I could stand on it without much trouble as I did the day before. It was very healing and thank God too. I know at some point in my life I may not be able to walk anymore, but for now, I’m trying my best not to take for granted the moments, when I can be mobile. I’ve tried researching more about adult club foot and what to expect, but there’s mostly information on children with club foot, diagnosis, treatment, etc. I will just have to do more research on it.

Thank you for reading my story, and don’t take for granted the little things you can do physically, because imagine what that would be like if you couldn’t do them as easily anymore…

Just food for thought.

Thank you for listening! ~ ggsdolls

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