80s Find and ggsdolls Tees!!

Hello fellow collectors, I hope you all are having a great start to 2019?! It’s been a busy week with cleaning the guesthouse for the next tenants and finding online kitschy cute stuff!! Here’s what I discovered the past week…

Japan Goods and My Dolls

Since that quick trip, I finally had time to work on my collection and much more. First, here’s what came in earlier this week… I received a set of Vinyl Artist Gatcha Morris the Cat with Antlers by Hinatique. I had several people via IG asking if I could bring some in. So, I did. […]

Les Maison de Tadie Muz/ House of Tadie Muz For Sale!!

I was able to acquire a second La Maison de Tadie Muz!! I was surprised too! I’m putting this one For Sale! So, if you are interested? Read on… Les Maison de Tadie-Muz above in original box. Has age wear, but still in good to excellent condition.  The right side, has some writing as shown […]

Vintage Mid Century Terrarium Miniature, Rune Naito Mermaid & More!

This has been an awesome week for mail arrivals!! Today, I received several boxes of goodies I’ve been searching for and some I just happened upon… First, this amazing vintage mid century modern 1/6 scale size Dome Terrarium Planter. I just happened upon it while doing some usual searches. I have only seen these in […]


Just some random things going on as of late… It’s Easter Break, but I’ve been so busy with my Mother In-law’s website. I’ve been hired to update and redesign it. So, it’s been really fun, but I’ve also been neglecting my shop and other endeavors…ugh. So, I hope to share some good news of my […]

New Retro Camper!

There were a few friends via flickr and IG that shared a cute 6″ doll camper sold only at Target… I did some research and found that it was available for sale thru Target.com! Awesome, I placed an order and received it last week or so! The box that arrive was actually larger then the […]

My Mail Today…

A few things arrived to me while I was away… I bought two items from a dear friend’s website! She had this cute “Pretty Cure Healing Chest” gacha toy set from 2011! It was adorable and on sale too, so, I couldn’t pass it up! Then, she also had some vintage Macoto Style sticker sets, […]

Great Stuff in the Mail!

We recently inherited Sam’s grandmother’s HCR address, and it was great timing too! We found out that with HCR boxes you can avoid the annual Postal fee that comes with renting a PO box, Yup, it’s FREE. So, we checked into it and changed over, now, when our PO box fee comes around we will […]

Vintage Celluloid Dolly!

I don’t usually collect celluloid type dolls, but as of late, I am just falling in love with Shabby Chic vintage goodness from a few friends I follow via instagram! Their photos showcase all their vintage baby dolls and rubber toys, along with vintage decor, Yum! I just couldn’t resist when I found this little […]

Latest Goods in the Mail!

Sorry for not posting sooner, it was not that I was too busy or what not, but I’ve been really trying to avoid my usual love of searching, with the exception for those that I am searching items for thru my Finder’s Services… Mostly, to save moolah myself! LOL Here are a few items that […]