An Awesome Stay-cation Guam! Part Dos

Part One here! On Saturday, there were so many things going on, that not everything we had originally planned to do panned out. Tabytha went to hang out at a friend’s house. So, I dropped her off, and Sam was headed to take photos of the Car Show that was happening at 11am. Sadly, he […]

An Awesome Stay-cation Guam! Part Uno

After Thanksgiving, my husband and I decided to spend the weekend at our friend’s condo with the girls. We left Inarajan late Friday afternoon and made our trek north. We asked the girls where did they want to eat dinner at? The usual silence was given… So, I made the suggestion, Jack in the Box? […]

Mohair Wig for German Tadie and New Info!

I decided to try a mohair wig this time, on Tadie or maybe I need to change her name to “Rita”?! Not only did I get a wig in the mail today, but a good friend, “criscrash13” via flickr found a publication from Spain of a company that made similar dolls to the one from […]

My Oyatsu Box Is In!

As I mentioned before in a post here, I got hip to subscription boxes for this month, and my Oyatsu or Japanese snacks box is in from! I actually learned about them from a friend’s blog here! She was showcasing each of her yummy Japanese snacks from Oyatsu as well, and I decided that […]

Tadie Muz Clone Doll, Not!

Updates on German Tadie Clone Doll information! I recently won a rare doll thru ebay and she has arrived to me all the way from Germany! So, many questions plagued this particular doll for some of us who enjoy collecting weird, awkward or unique dolls… Now, I have at least uncovered what we all thought […]

Yoshitomo Nara Gummi Girls!

I have seen Yoshitomo Nara’s works at the Narita Airport, whenever we took our day trips to Japan! I only recently fell in love with the Gummi Girl cases that were released. They are quite pricey online, which made me wish I had looked for them while we were in the Narita Airport?! Ugh! Oh […]

My Boopsie Daisy Trade Is In and Other Goodies!!

Oh my goodness gracious!!! Back in August, or actually a bit earlier, dear sweet Missy of BoopsieDaisy on etsy, wanted to trade for my cute vintage tan mascot doll with closed eyes and eyelashes as shown here in a book. She is the one wearing yellow. Every year or so, Missy and I do a […]

Re-Stringing My Little Baby Doll & More!

I took Cricket’s advice and checked out Rita’s tutorial on how to re-string a celluloid doll, here! Just in case you would like to try it out. Her instructions were very easy to follow. I just had to be brave enough, to cut the original elastic cord. I did, and started to re-string him below. […]

Vintage Celluloid Dolly!

I don’t usually collect celluloid type dolls, but as of late, I am just falling in love with Shabby Chic vintage goodness from a few friends I follow via instagram! Their photos showcase all their vintage baby dolls and rubber toys, along with vintage decor, Yum! I just couldn’t resist when I found this little […]