First Online Finds for 2019!

It has been a sweet and simple beginning to 2019…


The morning of New Year’s Eve, I took this photo. It was a beautiful sunny morning and I woke up late. By that evening it was a rainy mess. But still lovely since, I got a chance to go to my Brother and Sister inlaw’s home and we sat and drank. It was fun and a nice change to the usual quiet Eve parties of the past two years. Sadly, both Sam and Taby worked that night. But Sara and I made the best of it. I had gotten these lovely flocked and felted Christmas ornament Putz type houses in the mail. It was a lot of 8 houses. This one is the largest of the Lot. about 4 inches tall. You can also see the comparison of the smaller one with this house. The previous owners, made a hole at the bottom instead of the using the holes prefabricated on the back side. Still lovely and in nice condition, with a few needing some regluing. I listed two of the houses on my shop. The rest I will keep for next Christmas.

There is another house much different from the others, more Mid Century in style. These larger houses have tiny pine trees on the front, compared to the smaller ones. Also from Ebay, I found this cutie plush up for sale. I had to buy him, so he became a gift to myself for Christmas. He arrived safely to me, and I just love his face, Billy Butts goat by Rushton Star Creations. Since I can’t afford a Lamb by Rushton for now, he will definitely do! Sadly, no tag, and he is about 9 inches tall. I touched up his nose, and may do his cheeks later. I also had to wash him, mostly because he made me sneeze. Now, he’s white and fluffy too! I added the red bow and vintage forget me nots. Last, I found this cutie while searching up the million other things I do, on Ebay. She is a flocked Lemon Girl ornament. I included the photo on the left, not mine, of a Lemon Rune Naito figurine, to compare and show, that this unique lemon ornament looks a lot like the Rune Naito figurine…


Just adorable and I may leave her out, just because…

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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