Finds For Today!

Here’s what came in today! I managed to trade, and find some goodies that arrived… This is a set of two vintage vinyl toy dolls mint in package that I traded with Poshtottydesignz. They arrived safely to me from the UK. I was so thrilled too. As of late, I’ve been trying to find metal […]

Restoring These Cuties!

As soon as I got them in,(See here), I started working the past weekend on restoring them… It was an added bonus, to receive some of the materials I needed to do the job too! Whew.  First, I worked on the doe. I was able to salvage most of her neck area. Then, I changed […]

Vintage Cuties in the Mail…

Here’s what came in Today’s mail… I found this lonesome vintage ceramic Scottish Terrier Japan, missing her partner. She was too cute to pass up and was fairly cheap too. I may add her to the shop…

Vintage Mid Century Terrarium Miniature, Rune Naito Mermaid & More!

This has been an awesome week for mail arrivals!! Today, I received several boxes of goodies I’ve been searching for and some I just happened upon… First, this amazing vintage mid century modern 1/6 scale size Dome Terrarium Planter. I just happened upon it while doing some usual searches. I have only seen these in […]

Goodies in the Mail!

Oh my goodness, between preparing for the partial solar eclipse, I also had to pick up 4 boxes in the mail today! Whew… Twin fashions, one for a new gal and one for my tiny gal!! From Azone through Amiami.

Guam’s Patron Saint, and Mail!

Today is a Holiday of sorts for my little island of Guam, “Santa Marian Kamalen” or “Saint Maria of Camarin”. She is Guam’s Patron Saint, you can read more about her, here. So while, most government offices and public schools are off, the USPS mail staff aren’t… The girls and I drove up to the […]