Vintage Anime Puzzles!

I received two amazing vintage Japanese puzzles in the mail, and more!! Vintage Hazedon Puzzle featuring Sheila the mermaid singing. Still has its vintage packaging, great for display too. You can read more about the sofubi I found of Sheila here in this post! Advertisements

Amazing Work by Alex Dalton and More!

A few months ago, I was smitten by a doll from a fellow collector via IG posted on his stream. It was the teen version of Pebbles, from “The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show”, 1971. I decided to be brave and ask him where he bought her? His reply was, “No, I repainted and made her […]

New Old Online Finds Arrive…

Since the mini vacay, etc. mail I was expecting from Japan, took a few days longer to arrive. Come to find out it was because of the earthquake in Mexico? Yeah, not really sure either, but that was the excuse Japan Post gave. Apparently, they stopped all International mail leaving Japan, to find out the […]

My Latest Amazing Finds!

Oh my goodness, I have been on a roll the past few weeks… I found some “Wish List” items online, and they came in the past two days! Yippee! This poor cutie needs a repaint, and sold cheap. I found her thru etsy. I just had to get her! Vintage Squeak Toy Baby below afterwards… […]

Today’s Mail Call!

Here’s what came in today! Yay! The past week has been busy, and last week I found so many cheaply priced items, I just couldn’t resist!! This cute Rune Naito Panda art Transistor AM Radio! Found on etsy. It just caught my eye for its Panda art! Rune Naito draws her pandas the same way. […]

Goodies in the Mail!

Oh my goodness, between preparing for the partial solar eclipse, I also had to pick up 4 boxes in the mail today! Whew… Twin fashions, one for a new gal and one for my tiny gal!! From Azone through Amiami.

Amazing 1:12 Scale Fashion For My Busou!

I have been wanting this 1/12 scale fashion for over a year! I first saw it on a modded Busou Shinki of a friend’s flickr page. His Busou is just so cute! More of his lovely dolls can be seen, here on his blog! Wes’ Busou is always dressed so cute! Sadly, I don’t know […]