Finally, My Very Own Mamzelle de Paris Doll!

For quite some time, I haven’t collected Kiraz dolls, and then, when Mamzelle de Paris came out. I had decided not to collect one, for many reasons… One being space in my doll cabinet, and two, money, and so on… These amazing reproductions of Kiraz’s Poupee de Kiraz, are the more affordable versions. Sadly, they […]

Licca Chan or Atomaru Size ggsdolls Retro Dogs and Going to Expicon!!

Yes, I started to create smaller versions or 1/6 size versions of my retro dogs! I also hope to be selling them at Epixcon 2016! Last year, I was asked to join Epixcon, well, this year I was invited again! Yay! So, deciding on what to make for the event was a no brainer… small […]

Obsessing Over Korean Made Dolls?! You’re Not the Only One! Ha.

Oh boy, you are not the only one! I’ve notice the past two or three years now, there is a movement, of amazingly “cute”, “to die for”, Korean-made or created small dolls! It’s driving a few of us collectors nuts, okay, maybe just a bit over-the-top, but it is! People, the struggle is real! Ha. […]

The Temptations…Ugh!

Oh my goodness, there are so many wonderful things that have been found through my usual searches the past few weeks…It was truly hard to remind myself not to put it in my cart and buy it! I am not one to collect vintage furniture pieces, but I will admit, if I had the room, […]

Today’s Mail from Around the World!

Today, I received some goods from around the world… Places like Japan, Germany, China, and USA! This amazing Vintage 1970s German Bodo Hennig Living Room Set came from an etsy shop in the U.S.! I had been eyeballing this wonderful set for a few years now… When I first saw it, I knew where it […]