The Temptations…Ugh!

Oh my goodness, there are so many wonderful things that have been found through my usual searches the past few weeks…It was truly hard to remind myself not to put it in my cart and buy it! I am not one to collect vintage furniture pieces, but I will admit, if I had the room, I would jump into that collection head first!

My home would be filled with vintage Knoll, Saarinan, and even Bertoia pieces!

So, I told myself, a few small pieces would be okay… LOL Now back to the present…

I do own an inflatable stool which sits by my doll cabinet to this day, and now this new piece I received in the mail!

A vintage 1960s Mid Century Modern plant stand! I found this amazing piece thru etsy here! On my newsfeed, I have a few friends I follow that share their favorites and I would have never known about the plant stands if they hadn’t shared… I had seen several before and oh my goodness, the loveliness of the styling, patterns and colors they all have. So, recently, I convinced myself to purchase the cheapest one I could find… and I did!


All the way from Poland. This three legged tiny table is just amazing!


 I especially love the counter top design with its vintage mosaic pattern.

Also reminds me of the decor in one of those vintage Vero dollhouses from Germany!


Its three long wooden tapered legs are worn, but, still beautiful. When I put it together, Sara thought it was a stool for her to sit on?! I immediately, told her “Please never sit on this.” She looked at me a bit confused, I said it was old and meant to hold an indoor plant. Then, she understood a little better. A teachable moment for sure. After explaining that it was old and may not be strong enough for her bottom. She smiled and said, “It’s cute Mom!” Haha, glad learn she had good taste too!

I have yet to decide where it will go, maybe next to my inflatable stool by the dolly cabinet… or closer to me as I sit and admire my vintage pieces… Will it hold a plant, probably not, but maybe a cute doll or toy?! Yes, perhaps…

I forgot to mention all the other goodies that were released recently, like the New Kikipop girls here, and a recently ended Tadie Muz dollhouse and doll on ebay here, the latest Atomaru Hobby Japan release doll here! Oh my!

I decided against buying this latest release Kikipop girls…trust me it was very hard, but I am proud of myself for resisting. The Tadie Muz dollhouse and doll included was amazing, still it was missing the kitchen set, and Bertoia chairs! So, I decided to just sit and watch the listing, the doll did have her original shoes though… ugh! As for Hobby Japan and their special Aram doll, I will have to pass as well, you have to win the lottery first before you can have a chance to buy her…

Oh well, hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy the Halloween season coming up?! It will be fun, can’t wait!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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