An Interesting Lot of Goods!

Today, I received an interesting lot of goodies via Yahoo Japan. At first, I wasn’t going to bid on the Lot. But, then noticed that the included an item, that would make another item, I already have in the shop, complete?! Yippee! Here’s what came in today… Advertisements

New Vintage Shop Goodies!

Here’s what came in today! I was able to win these cute items through Yahoo Japan… A Lot of four Poppo chan and other tan dolls, a mirror compact with comb, ceramic deer couple bank, and a large tan long hair gal.

Lots of Mail Today!!

I left the house thinking I just had to mail a box out… low and behold, I had two pink slips! After dropping Sam to physical therapy, I went to the PO and there were three more boxes given to me, Whoa! Mail from Yahoo Japan above, a large box, with a cute tan retro […]