First Attempt at Rerooting…

I recently, decided to try my hand at rerooting… If you search it up, several videos are posted via Youtube that you can watch to learn the basics. I found this one to be simple and fairly easier for me to attempt. Here. I removed Francine’s hair and waited for the saran hair I purchased […]

OyatsuBox April Is in!!

Yay, my subscription for April 2016 is in… This will be my last box for a bit. I won’t be getting a box next month. I’ve decided to take a break, besides funds being low. I may start up again maybe later in the year depending on the next few months. I’m sure next month’s […]

My Oyatsu Box Is In!

As I mentioned before in a post here, I got hip to subscription boxes for this month, and my Oyatsu or Japanese snacks box is in from! I actually learned about them from a friend’s blog here! She was showcasing each of her yummy Japanese snacks from Oyatsu as well, and I decided that […]