Mini Party Hats and More!

I was looking for some inexpensive party hats for dolls on Etsy. While searching for some, I found a really well made mini party hats for pets. Literally, party hats for your pet Chicken, Hamster, Lizard, etc. I read up on the shop and found them to look well made and just simply adorable. I […]

A Few Rare Finds!

I am so excited to share with you these rare finds that came in today… …This vintage Japan Cake Topper? I say cake topper, because her body is stationary and only her head moves. Also, because I remember seeing them, as a child. It was one of my cousin’s birthday gatherings, a doll just like […]

Vintage Retro Girl with Flowers!

I’ve seen these cute rubber girls in sitting position with flowers, before… and even repainted tiny little cake toppers to look like them. I was able to snag one, from a dear friend’s sale via IG! She arrived to me today, adopted from Kitsch and Kawaii also on etsy. Packaged nicely and Christine even added […]