Vintage Litho Art Print by Eden!

I recently used “Buy it Now” on ebay for this cute vintage Litho art print by Eden, called, “Pensive”. I just love it. Most of Eden’s works are lovely, but this one, is my fave, I think, unless I find another? Haha.

Darn Cute Shevie Dolls!

I haven’t really collected a particular doll for some time called, “Shevie Dolls” or squeak baby dolls. Until recently, I told myself to at least get one. There’s a unique baby I wanted, she is more like a reproduction and has a different expression from the other Shevie dolls. I able to acquire one thanks […]

For My Collection…

Lately, I am finding myself liking a broad range of vintage items, that are not doll or toy related, somewhat? You probably could tell already! LOL I got this cute Ceramic Lamb planter from etsy. I’m not much into planters, but, I loved the colors and the fact that it was small, that made me […]

Things in the Mail…

I’ve been really busy working on the new studio apt. we will add to our list of Guest Houses for rent. So, I haven’t had time to work on my blog or other things… But I just had to stop and take a break to show these goodies that came in… I was able to […]

Fun with Simplicity Pattern Gifs!

I actually saw this awesome pattern via facebook shared by an Aunt. So, I saved it… Then, today I decided to add music to it… Note: Gifs are not by me, but, I read, they are by this creator, “Gifmyass” back in 2013. Pretty awesome job by the way!

Vintage Nakajima S. Dream Mansion is For Sale, etc.!!

I am sharing that, Sara wants to sell her vintage Nakajima Seisakusho Dream Mansion, shown here in the post… All is in working order and complete. I’ve already listed it here in my shop!

Vintage Art Prints by Mojer!

I am in vintage heaven!! Today a dream came true for me… Since April, I was on the hunt for some vintage art prints by Mojer. Since, I’ve been using Instagram more for my photos and items in my shop. I fell in love with some of my new/old friends on IG’s lovely vintage home […]

My New Creations on POAM!

HI my dear bloggers! Just added a few new designs to my POAM page here! So, be sure to check em’ out. Available for purchase! I actually made these a few years ago and decided to add them on POAM. I hope to create more designs soon! Thank you so much for looking! ~ ggsdolls