Keeping Busy and One of My Idols!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and getting ready for all the festive activities that come with it?! I’ve been trying to keep busy with finishing some projects I got ideas for, the past week or so… Here’s what I got done. Whew. I took this cutie’s head off her original bod and […]

The Next Best Thing!

These highly sought after vintage ceramic figurines amongst collectors… Photo is not mine, but Sofia from flickr. … are very hard to find, and if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on them. Lucky you! I only got into vintage ceramics earlier this year and since then, these cuties are just that hard […]

Painting the Miniature Twiggy Heads…

I got the amazing miniature Twiggy heads here. So, I of course wanted to paint them! I decided to paint two of them and keep the other two original. My first attempt was terrible-_-; So, I cleaned them up and tried again the other day. We had a scheduled power outage, so the girls and […]

Creative Goods Today!

I have been wanting to show these to you for some time… But, I had to wait for a last touch to make it complete! Now, its ready to share with you!! I hope you like it? I showed you these tins here. But, I didn’t like the way they turned out, so I redid […]

Repaint a Vintage Dolly Closet…

I decided to repaint my wooden dolly closet I bought, back in July, here… Trust me, it was hard. I started with spray painting it a baby blue last week. It took about two coats, but I think it turned out nicely. Sorry no photos of the process. I waited a bit longer than after […]

Toy Crane Machine Etc!

I didn’t show you, but, I also got a Toy Crane or Claw Machine via Yahoo Japan. I saw them up for bid and figured it would be nice to own one… I’ve always wanted to own a coin machine that rolls out a toy after inserting a coin… Now, I do! Awesome! I added […]

Fun with My Bunnies!

It’s been busy here. I am still working on the new guest studio, so that we could get it up and running. The plan was to open by the end of September, but it is not looking that way. Ugh. I’ll be posting a bit less on my blog, until I am able to get […]

New Designs on Society6 and POAM!

I’ve been really busy the past few days… We are working on a studio guest apartment for AirBnb and getting it ready to start making income, along with some other projects, like this one below!! I took my vintage ceramic bunny and did a quick photo shoot! Here’s the results…