Big Eyes Movie 2014

I finally, got a chance last night to watch the movie, “Big Eyes” 2014 by Tim Burton. Taby had been watching movies most of Saturday. So, her and I watched two others, “The Boy”, and “The Good Dinosaur”. Back to Big Eyes…

Movie: Wolf Children!

“Wolf Children” by Mamoru Hosada  I actually watched this movie sort of a year ago or so. My son, Tevin suggested it, and said it was an amazing movie by Mamoru Hosoda. Tevin figured, since we all love Studio Ghibli films that maybe we would enjoy movies by Studio Chizu. I’ve seen “The Girl Who […]

An Ohmu from Nausicaa!

Today, I received a much anticipated goody from Amiami!! A special little pull toy of the character animal Ohmu from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind! It was supposed to come in with my Studio Ghibli puzzles from this post. But Sadly, they weren’t released yet, until recently! Yay!

Lots of Mail Today! Part Two!!

Okay, I did say I would write more about these items from Yesterday… The KumuKumu Laputa pendant below, when you open the box the packaging holds all these pieces to create the pendant. It can be a bit tricky, but very easy to put together! Below left, the front of the pendant, and the backside. […]

Lots of Mail Today!!

I left the house thinking I just had to mail a box out… low and behold, I had two pink slips! After dropping Sam to physical therapy, I went to the PO and there were three more boxes given to me, Whoa! Mail from Yahoo Japan above, a large box, with a cute tan retro […]

Another Amazing Movie By Studio Ghibli!

I heard about a movie released in Japan, last summer by Studio Ghibli named, “When Marnie Was There“. I knew around, this time this year, the movie would be released to the rest of us here in the USA! So, I waited to hear of its release or see any type of advertisement, but nothing. […]