Prayers For Peace

I just wanted to send this post to all of you… my dear friends, bloggers, readers, and lurkers of blogs, that all of us on Guam are fine. We truly appreciate your heart felt wishes, prayers and thoughts for us all, here on Guam. It means a lot to us, that you are sending prayers […]

My New Creations on POAM!

HI my dear bloggers! Just added a few new designs to my POAM page here! So, be sure to check em’ out. Available for purchase! I actually made these a few years ago and decided to add them on POAM. I hope to create more designs soon! Thank you so much for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Updated My For Sale Page!!

Hey all, be sure to stop by my For Sale page click the link in menu above! I’ve updated and given a lot of discount for the items still listed!! So, be sure to check it out for something you might be interested in?! You can also check my etsy shop here for vintage dolls […]

Introducing ggsdolls Miniature Retro Dogs!

I am so excited to announce… my newest creation, Miniature Retro Dogs with Display Case! Now available in my etsy shop! I have created six amazing miniature versions of the vintage retro dogs that were made back in 1960s and 1970s by Bandai, Oriental Toys, etc. in Japan. Each dog will come with, a cute […]

ggsdolls Blog Giveaway 2016!!

Hello my dear friends of blogdom! It’s been awhile since my last blog giveaway, one example here… So, ‘Just Because’, I am doing another!! The Winner, will receive some kawaii goodies from me!! More information below! Winner gets all this!! A ggsdolls premium Gatcha Set, which includes a Kitan club futon for your cell phone, […]

Why I Collect?

I recently read a relative of my husband’s post on fb, of her thoughts on collectors being hoarders, was basically, the gist! Naturally, I was a bit miffed. But, an after thought came… and I guess for some, if not, most who are non-collectors, may not know the reasons behind those who do collect. Some […]