New Old Furry Figurine Makeover!!

It has been awhile since I’ve found a vintage furry figurine. The first time, I found one, there were two being sold on Etsy. These days, more and more collectors are keeping an eye out for em’. So, they go pretty quickly when found. This one is a kitty figurine, I found through Instagram, seller’s name, Wanwin is also on Etsy. I DMed him, when he posted and got her in the mail today. I knew beforehand, that the she would need some TLC to make her lovely again…


Before, she wore a gingham red and white hat, she had cotton candy pink and blue fur along with red and gold trim around the neckline. Sadly, I tried to clean and salvage her fur, before deciding to remove it completely. I took off the hat and fur hair, it was just too dingy. After, lots of wiping of the fur and brushing. It didn’t do enough to take off the years and years of caked on dirt and dust. Ugh. So, I first checked, to make sure I had the fur colors needed to replace it. Sure enough, I did. Yay! Luckily, I kept the cut outs from my other furry projects… The toughest part was trying to remove the caked on glue on her left eye to her eyebrows. Yuck. But, I got most of it off. Whew.  In the end, I did keep her original gold and red neck trim, and just replaced the body fur and added pink fur as hair. What do you think? I still have the hat if I decide to put it back on her… Then, I also finished making the body to the cute rubber face lamb I got last month from Hellodollfacemolly. It was fun to put her together and now, she is friends with the little ducky I made also!

I also, tried the bonnet I got from ebay, on the girl Rushton bunny. I took off the hat and vest she had on. Now, she looks cuter with just the bonnet and flowers. Nice and simple. Talking bunny fun… Also, if you are interested in pre-ordering a Happy Sachiyo Bunny, I’m willing to help for a small fee. Basically, Sachiyo does preorders at the end or beginning of the month. These are the cuties you can order below. In the 2nd photo it says the details of the bunny. (Please note: these are not my photos, but Happy Sachiyo and all rights belong to her.) There are only two slots for commissions, so let me know asap! These cuties are a pre-order only. It takes one month until she is ready to ship the bunny to you. Also, you just need to decide on the color you want. In the photo, there is pale blue, pink, blue, and beige. Each bunny stands only 15 – 16cm or 6 inches tall, from feet to ears. She uses Alpaca mohair, etc., glass eyes, and 5 hardboard joints, with stainless steel balls, and cotton to fill. They are jointed basically and you can move the arms and legs to stand or sit to pose. Shipping is free and included in the price. She sells them at 20,500 JP yen or about $182 US dollars. (Please note: depending on currency exchange for the yen, it is subject to change slightly and also paypal currency exchange is generally lower, than Yahoo’s exchange rate.) If you are interested please contact me here.

They are cute and so worth every cent. Believe me. They look like those adorable Meyercord decals bunnies come to life! I love the one’s I currently have and I’m awaiting another! If you wait until she has them up for auction, they can cost a lot more in the secondary market. She is also allowing me to take preorders for the larger size bunnies, 38cm or 15 inches tall! Each bunny is 38,000 JP yen or $336 US dollars, other fees will apply. Email me for further information on final costs. I’m so tempted to preorder a large one, I will just have to save up for that 15 inch cutie!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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