Piano Concerto by Bunbun!

I had this idea in my head of a little concert played by my Rushton bunny. So, I took out few of the stuffed friends that were easy to get too, and put them in place. Then, I also took out my pink vintage toy piano from storage, and the lovely aqua faux fur swatch. Made a little set up and took some photos… It was fun to create. Like this little guy was playing a lovely piano concerto for his sweet friends…

I also used the same aqua fur to take some quick pics of these cuties. Love the color in the background created by the fur! Most especially, with my cute polka dotted deer couple! This guy came in Yesterday, he’s an Astroboy medicom action figure. He has many parts to make him more animated and fun to play with too! I pre-ordered him last year, and he was supposed to be released since July. I guess production was delayed, no worries. I wasn’t in a rush to pay! Haha. I love his sleep face most! Fun, with the messenger filters!! Haha. Also, the prisma app too! Then, I was able to pack and ship these two Cherry chan doll cuties, that were on commission for a friend via stateside. She got the, “Nighty-night Bad Girl Cherry”, and “Geek Girl Kill Zombi Cherry”!! They are both so cute too! Glad I was able to help you, Shelley! Enjoy them dear!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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