Kitsch Finds…

Here’s what came in the mail…


On ebay, I found this lot of four Eden lithograph girl art prints. I love the frames and to find all four was a nice touch. Now, I can use two of the frames for other kitsch art prints. I do have the “Pensive” one already, but this version is nicer and no warping from water. Yay! These will be added to my collection. Then, I found on etsy this cute vintage sleepy puppy. His head is fully rubber, and I replaced his bow. No tag sadly, but I’m sure he is a “My Toy” plush. He measures about 10 inches long. He will live with my other plush friends for now.  Next, I bought a fellow collector’s creations, hellodollfaceshop, on IG. Molly makes these cute an amazing plaques with vintage craft plastic and rubber faces! I’ve always wanted to get some of her creations, but they sell out fast! This time, I was able to snatch up, ‘Prudence’, a sweet girl duck and she is a magnet. Love that duck face too! The other is ‘Louis’, and he likes tea, cakes, cookies, and looking spiffy with his bow tie and top hat. I just love his rosey cheeks most! LOL He’s already hanging up on my wall.

Molly was so sweet she even gave me a few gifts. I was in shock, honestly! Because the little gifts she gave me, were exactly what I’ve been searching for. If you recall, when I made the little ducky plush, I actually had a Lot of 2 ducks, 2 lambs, and 2 chicks rubber faces. When I was cleaning out my craft drawer, back in May, I must have accidentally threw the bag away. I’ve searched, high and low, since we got back from our summer vacation and they are no where to be found. Long story short, Molly gave me 2 lambs, and 2 owl rubber faces. Mind you, I didn’t ask her too, she did this out of the goodness of her own heart. I couldn’t believe my fortune and her kindness! Thank you sweet Molly for the gifts, I will treasure them! Please check out Molly’s shop on etsy and facebook! She has amazing creations! I will definitely treasure mines!!  Last, is another hand made creation by KCAgalma on etsy. She makes cute little furry plushies with similar Rushton type faces! So, of course when I saw her list this cute bunny, I just had to get one! He arrived, safely, even though the envelope he was in was crushed, and the tin can he was packed in, was crushed as well!! This OOAK bunny is about 7 inches long. He can sit up and arms, legs and head slightly movable. He’s so darn soft and that face is just adorable. Very unique and will go greatly with my other hand made cuties!

 I almost forgot, I ordered some more business cards, my last set is just about finished. Moo does great with the smaller cards too and I like that there are more of them to use as gifts. More cuties in the pile too! Yay!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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