Adorable Finds for Today!

Here are a few cute finds online that came in…


While doing my usual searches, this cutie shows up via Etsy. I snatched him up. All the way from UK. He is a vintage floral ceramic coin bank with stopper. I’ve seen a similar cat last year, and it too was snatched up quickly. So here I am making up for the loss. LOL His eyes, say it all!! This sweet cat pj wearing gal I was able to catch on IG, a fellow collector friend, had her up for sale and I was just lucky to get her. She is adorable, still has her stopper also. Her face reminds me of Miss Cutie Pie. Finally, a Lot of 31 craft doll heads, etc. from ebay. I decided to bid on them for a few of the animal heads I saw in the lot. I will sell most of it in my Etsy shop if any of you are interested. This lot has a Tammy Ideal Mom head, thanks to a fellow collector Marcello, who pointed it out to me. A lot with Santa heads, Mrs. Clause, etc. This lot had a cute baby doll face, an Alvin Chipmunk head, and others.

These lovely pose doll heads, I may keep to reinvent a character. I will have to think about it. Since, sadly, the middle one has some of her face missing. The animal craft heads, like the bunny, and duck, I will make into cute stuffed animals hopefully…

The one I wanted the most, is this awesome rubber face Rushton looking bunny, skunk head!! I can’t wait to FuzBear him perhaps?? More to come…
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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