Sweet Online Finds!!

Here’s what came in the mail Yesterday!! Even while I was away from home, I must admit, I was so tempted to check my usual online hunts for good buys… But, I stayed away, and really took in all that was going on through out our family vacation. I was very proud of myself for being present and living in the moment with my family. Yesss.
Since we got home, I’ve started back to my usual searches, but now, its not as urgent. I’ve been sewing more and just taking my time with projects, work, and balancing it all. Really feels good. LOL Oh my sorry, just going on and on. Any how, here’s the goods…

From Target, I got a “Stranger Things” Tee, on sale too! A vintage doll vinyl closet for Scarlet Chan by Nakajima Seisakusho, a vintage doll head, three series of the Princess Twinkle gachas, retro Hot Springs towels, and a Cherry Chan Red Lipstick Doll!! First, the vintage “Blonde Goddess” doll craft head, I bought through IG from a fellow seller, and she reminded me of the Japan dolls of 1950s. When the 2 arrived that I bought, they are large, maybe they will fit a 16 inch tall doll. Sadly, much larger then I thought. But, their faces are quite unique. Love their closed eyes look. I will add one into my shop for purchase. If you can find a large doll bod, she will look like a German bild lily type?! Next, these lovely retro “Hot Springs” towels, I am told. I’ve seen them sold when you go to a Hot Springs bath in Japan. So, being able to find one of each was wonderful! About the size of a small bath towel. I love the vintage girl anime graphics. One reminds me of Rune Naito… The girl with the polka dotted scarf! They will be added to my collection for now.

Then, I purchased the Series 4 Princess Twinkle set, and got the princess in pink dress, that I didn’t get from Narita gacha machines… Yay, now my series 4 is complete. Isn’t she so cute?! The rest are in this post here. I was able to find the first 2 out of the 3 series released before! Yesss! They also arrived from Yahoo Japan. These will be added to my collection. There is a blonde series, but sadly, they were first released back in 2015 and I am unable to find them. Still, I have series one and two. Series one was released back in May of 2017. Love the white dressed princesses too. They also have longer hairstyles, instead of the bun style. This series is number two released about November of 2017. I love the girl in the red gown. All of the princesses are lovely. But, if you notice, the shiny green dress princess is very similar to the blue one in the newest series 4 that was released in June of this year! I found this via a Japanese shop website. It’s a vinyl doll closet. I believe it is for Nakajima Seisakusho Scarlet doll. It has the same doll design, I’ve seen on her fashion boxes. It is in great condition and I will add it to my shop soon. It will come with the one hanger that I found still inside. It is Barbie and similar sized doll size.

My best find is this lovely Cherry Chan Red Lipstick version!! She is so lovely and complete. I was truly surprised that no one had snatched her up. Now, to decide if I will keep my purple haired Cherry Chan or this one… Hehe! Then, I found this small glass jar, to use to hold some yummy Japanese candies… I even got a small tin to hold some too! Then, I added a cute sticker of a plush bunny on the lid of the jar. How adorable is that?! I may have to get more jars… LOL Last, I started making a few more of the mini plushies, since I can’t find my vinyl heads, I opted to using some of the silly eyes, I got a few years back for needle felting… What do you think? LOL This bear looks silly with those huge eyes. Then, I made one with simple black eyes and a brown nose.

 I may make a few more to add to my shop. Be sure to check back for some new items in my Etsy shop!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

3 thoughts on “Sweet Online Finds!!

  1. Hi sweetheart! May I ask where you found your bmb cherry doll? I’m wanting one soooo bad and missed the last pre-sale and I can’t afford ebay prices. I love all your treasures you received, esp your beautiful Be my Baby cherry doll!! 🍒

    Marsha xx

    ps an Instagram follower 😘


    • Hi dear Marsha, Awesome and thank you so much! Sadly, there is only the secondary market and it is very pricey. But, if Miyuki does another pre order that is the best way to place one if you want it cheaper. Sorry I couldn’t give more positive news dear. Many hugs, Gigi


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