Doll Fashions, Dragons Breath, and Time…

It’s been a healing weekend. We have been just taking things one day at a time…

I received this interesting Barbie fashion via ebay. I liked the silver capris. Then, I tried it on Cherry Chan… The silver capri’s are a bit wide on the thighs, but I like the top on her. Just worried the print will stain her body! Eek! Then, I redressed her again with this lovely dress I got some time ago, from Sugar Mag for Blythe. One of my fave dresses, I’ve had for some time now. I finally repainted the lid on the hamper I got last week… I wanted to repaint the front and add a meyercord decal. But, Taby thinks it looks nice the way it is. Then, I received this cute vintage Japan tube doll called, “Melon Chan”. I’ve seen the US version, just can’t remember her name at the moment. Made by Ideal. This one was mint in box too!

She reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake too! Her arms and legs can be made longer, as shown on the box. She still has her cello on her face. I may add her to my shop later? See link here! We took my sister in-law to Snow Monster, after we ate lunch at Burger King… Sara taking a quick pic by the faux Disney Castle!! Judy and Sandy enjoyed the Dragon’s Breath. It was different for them, and at least they can both say they’ve tried it. LOL Sara drawing on the frozen condensation from the cup and nitrogen. LOL

It was a nice time. I hope you all have a great week!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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