Vintage Oike Arieana Doll Dresses!

I recently found in an online shop these cute vintage Oike Miss Arieana doll fashions! I actually don’t own any of the dolls that wear this doll fashion, but I fell in love with the cute paper doll hanger! I’m sure the fashions could fit possibly Tammy by Ideal or similar size dolls. I will have to take one of the fashions out of it’s package to find out…


Made by Oike Co. the dolls were like cute southern belle type dolls or similar to pose dolls, with similar eyes to the company’s Sun chan dolls. I’ve often tried bidding on one and not win. Oh well, still these two lovely ruffled dresses were just too cute to pass up. The doll is mostly dressed in large ruffled dresses that are grand, along with a ruffled or decorated hat. Love the paper doll face so much. I may try one of the dresses on Lara or Cherry chan?! This style of dress is found often on the doll herself. Like a flamingco style fashion

Last, I also found this lovely Junichi Nakahara 50s handkerchief. I love the art work and silhouette of this lovely Southern belle. Junichi is known for his lovely shoujo lady art of the 50s and 60s…

A lovely vintage piece for any collector! I will add this to my shop soon.

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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