Unique Finds Arrive!

While doing my usual searches, I found some interesting items online! Here’s what came in…


I found another Lapin through Ebay for a trade. The seller actually had two in possession, but, I decided just to get the one for a trade. Can’t wait to show you what I traded this cutie for?! Then, this vintage mint in package Miss Merry’s Petite Dresser Set. I started to collect a few vintage toy mirrors, and this one was sold cheap, maybe because not too many collectors like the granny face on it. But, I’ve decided I can change the face to something else… I love the packaging too. So cute! I remember these mirrors as a kid! Through an online Japan shop, I was able to acquire this lovely vintage Margaret manga Miyako Maki record and sleeve. I love the art work on the sleeve.

“Maki No Kutibue Record.” One of these days I will need to find a record player to play these records! A lovely list of songs and the record itself is cute. Red vinyl and lovely Maki art work too! I went back to the shop where I got the only Rushton bear rubber face and the seller had this cute lot for sale. Panda rubber faces, I bought all three and will make them into pandas too! Love their sleepy eyed looks. More so for their vintage feel. I started to make the bear and hope to share with you the results soon! Last, I won these cute yellow Geo bunny couple via Yahoo Japan. I cleaned them up and added some bows, since they are missing their chain. Quite unique, I’ve rarely seen Geo’s in yellow, they are mostly in a dark brown color. In lovely condition, now just to decide to keep or add to the shop?!

Updates on my father in-law, he is doing well and will now need hospice care. We hope to have him home later today. Taby will graduate next week! So many good things and some sad ones, but hey that is life. I do hope, that no matter what you are going through, just remember there is always hope, always something positive, that will come from something negative. God gives us, what he believes we can handle, and I do believe that…

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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