Summer Has Begun…

It’s been a busy early summer! My 17 yr. old daughter, will graduate on June 12th, my 27 yr. old son, just graduated from Air Force boot camp, and now he’s on to his Tech school. Then, sadly my father in-law is in the hospital, and is recovering from an infection…

I’ve been driving uptown almost everyday the past few days. So, today, was nice to just stay home and not go anywhere. I had a lot of time to do a few things here and there. I also received a few new things in the mail too. I found a really good deal on a “Fight!!!Usagi Chan”, Cherry chan doll with purple hair!! Honestly, I’ve always wanted the purple hair version, first, but she was always selling for such high prices. I opted to getting the Prom queen instead. Now, I have my first choice, that I have the Prom queen up for grabs if anyone is interested? She is listed in my etsy shop! I decided to sell her nude, so she would be cheaper. But, I may include the fashion, of course in the higher price. Email me with inquiries!

Usagi chan, sadly, is missing her bunny ears. But, worth it anyways! I love her dress, stockings were a bit hard to get on completely. ugh. Her original fashion on the left and the right, I added a few things and change the stockings… Then, I bought this lovely Glico? vintage margaret ballerina badge/ pin. So elegant. I just couldn’t resist! I found out somewhat who the artist is behind the lovely sunbonnet girl on my jewelry dresser. It is a popular trading card art from the 70s. Sarah Kay is what I was able to find and Daisy Lane is the other. I added toy jewelry to take photos of the dresser… I redressed Usagi chan too!

I even added these cute pastel heart brad clips! Have a wonderful summer dear friends!!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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