APP fun and More!

I was playing around while on messenger for facebook and found a new filter there! I tried it out and could not stop taking selfies! LOL Yes, that’s me, lookin’ awesome in 50’s style hair do! A rarity! Haha. Sorry, don’t really care to show my face often. It’s about the finds, not me. So, I’m just showing two, though I took more… LOL

Just took a quick shelfie of my growing vintage thermos collection. I posted this one via instagram. Just love the colors. Then, I found another filter via messenger again… Haha!

I call it, “Dreamy” filter. I’m not sure what it’s really called though. But I love it. Just place something cute in front, and oh my goodness, it’s just dreamy. A fellow collector said, she was hypnotized! Haha! You can even just take photos instead of videos. So much fun Then, I received a box from Japan, that included this lovely vintage Glico Machiko Satonaka mirror. I love the showa retro anime girl on it. Just look at the 3rd photo… Front side, and back side, is a mirror. The mirror has some words on it, “Peace le love”. Looks like maybe something in French? Perhaps, I see the word, “Love”. I will definitely be keeping this cute item. I will add it to my purse or key chain. Last, I found this lovely memo booklet by Sunstar of Charmy!

Lovely memo, has memo pad, mirror, coin holder… Two memo cards, the cover itself is a color sheet… A cute flower cut out too!

I will be adding this to my shop soon! So, be on the look out for it. Hope you all are having a great week?

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls


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