Margaret Keane Art Prints!!

Finally! I’ve always wanted a particular art print by Margaret Keane, of course at the time, it was signed by her husband, in the 1960s. More info. from a past post, back when, I watched the movie the link here. Waifs, Big eyed, lonely lisa, suzie sad eyes, Blythe, etc. have always been a part of the vintage wants as a collector of dolls, now ceramics, and not to forget Lithograph art prints.

While doing some searching on Etsy, I found this Lot available. Two Keane prints. “Waiting”, and the other is, “Little Ones.” I have been on the search for, “Waiting” for not too long, when I discovered this one a few weeks ago. Sadly, the seller took a week to ship, and when I questioned her about it, that was when she shipped them. Oh wait, she just created the label for them, but didn’t turn them into USPS, until I ask a week later!! Ugh. I’m not gonna start on that…  So, even though, I was disappointed on how long it took the seller to ship them. I am just telling myself, that it was worth it to finally have the Litho print I’ve always admired… Count your blessings Gigi. I am.

The lot of two Walter Keane signed Litho art prints, even dated, 1962. The frames were in nice condition for their age. The prints lovely too. “Waiting” is my favorite, she reminds me of Susie sad eyes or Love me Linda dolls… Also, signed by Walter Keane, 1962. When the prints were by Margaret Keane. A piece of history for me and a period I love the art for. I will list “Little Ones” in my shop. So be on the look out for that one. Where she hangs now on my bedroom wall along with my other lovelies!! Yesss!


Also, some yummy rainbow cotton candy we got from ROSS. Licca chan is just festive next to it! The flavors are berry delicious too!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


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