Another Vintage German Doll

I was able to win this vintage German DDR Florinchen doll from a fellow collector via ebay.
She arrived to me safely and here is how she looks…


I believe, she is a character from an old children’s TV stop-motion show called, “Sandmannchen”. Some information here. She is called, “Florinchen”, a friend to Sandman. Florinchen, loves to garden. She is made of vinyl mostly, and has wires in her body. In both legs, it then helps her to stand. When I pull her up from the stand her feet are molded onto the stand and just her legs and body comes out. You can remove her hat and the flower she holds. Another wire is at the top of her and head an goes into her body as well to keep her upright and hold her hat in place. She stands about 10″ tall, with her hat she’s 12″ tall. Her clothing is made of felt, her hat is some type of straw material, with purple flowers glued on. The hat itself is supposed to be glued onto her head, but I’m guessing from travel, the glue has come undone. Quite unique. I love her eyes. I will undress her and see what she is able to fit into… More on her later.

Having fun with Lara… Then, I also got this lovely vintage Yes/No Rummy doll jewelry accessory set. It is my first set found using dolls to advertise toy jewelry sets. Nice. I will add it to my shop soon along with some other vintage accessory sets… Just love the box art and the case. It holds a large red ruby pendant, with a faux pearl necklace, gold tone necklace, that can be interchanged with the three other pendants included, a blue sapphire oval pendant, a blue sapphire star pendant, a red ruby nautical style pendant, a mirror, two rings, and a pair of faux pink pearl earrings. So many dress up fun styles too! Or just to decorate a vintage jewelry box!

I will list it later today.

Have a beautiful weekend fellow collectors!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


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