In The Mail…

I recently received some cute goodies in the mail…

From Hobby Search, I discovered the release of Pure Neemo S cute fashions by MAKI. There are cute pastel colors and adorable animal decals on the blouses and totes. I was only able to snag these three items. Since the others were sold out. But, then they had a restock and I was able to get a few more items I wanted, I hope. I’m waiting for Hobby’s confirmation email. Haha.


I accidentally ordered two of the yellow kitty tops, a purple unicorn, and pink bunny totes. How adorable are these fashions!! Any takers for the yellow top, $15 plus shipping. Just email me! For the totes on the back side it says, “Cute”. There is a cat tote too like the blouse. I hope to get the unicorn and bunny top. Here’s Cherry Chan wearing the top and holding the tote. There are pastel colored frilly skirts, but most were sold out too. Darn. Still Cherry chan is just adorable in her new fashion!

Then, I also got these kitsch baskets with roses from Japan. The lot included a red, yellow, blue, green and pink baskets. I’ve seen a few of these displayed in many Japan collectors decor. Soo very kitsch. I will probably keep a few and sell the rest.

Please check out my shop soon, because I am letting go a few rare cuties! Have a Lovely week!!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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