Amazing Corset by Bibarina!

I have been patiently waiting for this amazing piece of clothing for my Cherry chan doll!! It was a bit of a wait, only because Cherry chan’s measurements are not the same as Blythe, though we are sold on the fact that she can wear Blythe clothes. Please note, some Blythe fashions Cherry Chan can not fit. Darn.

I came across a very unique Etsy store called, “Bibarina” in the UK. I was searching for corsets for dolls and the owner had a Blythe corset available. It is definitely pricey, but, with all the detail and attention she puts into making these period corsets, they are truly worth every penny! I figured, I could get one in Blythe size. It was made and sent out a few days later, and it arrived fast too. Unfortunately, Cherry Chan didn’t fit it well. So, Mel was truly kind, and I sent it back to get fixed. It arrived toda,y and I’m am just in awe, as I was the first time I received it!!


The Bibarina corset I chose, is in sea green silk and vintage lace. With some beautiful embellishments of pearls, roses, and bows. It is so delicate and detailed. I added a white bow, and stockings. Sadly, I don’t own any off white bows or stockings. I will need to get some later on. Still Cherry Chan simply looks like she stepped out of a Marie Antoinette movie… I may want to get another corset. There are other colors, and complete sets too. One in pink, even a purple one! Okay, gotta save up for them. Be sure to visit her shop on Etsy for your Cherry Chan or Blythe dolly corset needs! I found some miniature items also from Etsy, A lovely perfume bottle, a gold crown, and black snaps, to make a belt or bag. All dolly size too! Then, these cute 60s cards, I got two. They remind me of my little angels. I will need to get some frames to frame them in.

Thanks for visiting ~ ggsdolls

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